Vscode Jupyter Virtual Environment Courses

The 8base Developer Bootcamp - 0 to Hero Course!

Quickly become an 8base developer and use the platform as a scalable backend in your apps!

Rating: 4.85

Web Design With HTML CSS and SASS - Beginner To Advanced

Learn web design & web development from scratch using HTML, CSS & Sass. We cover CSS Animation, Grid, FlexBox and Git.

Rating: 4.85

CMake, Tests and Tooling for C/C++ Projects [2022 Edition]

Learn to master modern CMake Projects, Unit Tests, Continuous Tools and more to use in your daily C/C++ workflow!

Rating: 4.65441

Webhooks with .NET 5

Leverage the power of webhooks to enhance your solutions.

Rating: 4.625

Zero to Hero in Lightning Web Components

Complete Guide to learn Salesforce Lightning Web Components from Basics to Advance with real-time problems and projects

Rating: 4.5513

Become a Pro Wordpress Custom Theme Developer

Learn to convert any static HTML, CSS template into a fully functional Custom Wordpress Theme in a step by step approach

Rating: 4.5

Mastering Salesforce DX and Visual Studio Code

Modular Application Development Using Unlocked Packages

Rating: 4.46667

Mastering Visual Studio Code

Boost your productivity with Visual Studio Code, the best code editor of the moment!

Rating: 4.375

GIT: Branching and Merging

Learn the basics of working with branches and resolving merge conflicts using GIT and GitHub

Rating: 4.375

Complete Guide to XML For Microsoft Developers

XML, XPATH, XSLT, XQuery, XSD, XML in SQLServer, C#, LINQ, and PowerShell, Saxonica

Rating: 4.34375

Computer Science Basics: The Magic behind the Bits and Bytes

Everything I wish I had known before I started studying Computer Science (CS). The basics all in one course.

Rating: 4.33333

Electron From Scratch: Build Desktop Apps With JavaScript

Create 3 useful desktop applications with web technologies using Electron

Rating: 4.31429

Build a portfolio with React.JS

learn dry code!

Rating: 4.3

Salesforce Devops With Salesforce DX

Implement Salesforce Devops with Salesforce DX in easy steps

Rating: 4.28788

All about NextJS

Smoothly sailing from setup to production

Rating: 4.25

Frontend Development with ReactJS and Bootstrap

Learn Frontend Development with ReactJS and Bootstrap in a step by step handson approach

Rating: 4.21429

Complete back end development with NodeJS with projects

Learn Javascript, NodeJS, Express, passportjs, mongodb along with various projects

Rating: 4.1

Git and GitHub Projects: Project Based Learning (8 Projects)

100% hands-on lab to help learners understand all the nitty-gritty required in any developer role on a daily basis

Rating: 3.95

Hashicorp Certified Terraform Associate++ Live Hands-on Labs

Learn Terraform in depth + (5 hours course) +Get Certified (Practice Ques +Jenkins)!+HashiCorp+ AWS Cloud provisioning

Rating: 3.65

Build A Restaurant Site With Python and Django

Build A Real Restaurant System With Python & Django [Resturant - Reserve Tables - Blog - About - Contact ]

Rating: 3.65

Python & Tkinter The Right Way (Basics and build 3 Projects)

Build Simple Apps With Python & Tkinter & Page Program to Drag and Drop , Calculator

Rating: 3.6

Build Hotel Site With Python & Django

Build A Hotel Site With Python & Django [Rooms - Book Room - Search Rooms - About - Contact ]

Rating: 3.4

Visual Studio Code 2022:for Python, Typescript, Git, Go more

Master your VScode development environment for rapid coding/development

Rating: 3.35

Common Lisp programming: from novice to effective developer

Learn the Lisp language, the tools and the ecosystem to become a productive and happy programmer.

Rating: 3.25

Complete React Native bootcamp - Build 18 iOS & Android app

Includes Redux, firebase and lots of projects

Rating: 3.2

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