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How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business

Learn to produce professional marketing video the easy way

Rating: 3.85

The Lean Startup

Learn how to apply the method that is transforming how new products are built and launched.

Rating: 4.13636

Speak Up! Stand Out and be HAPPY

Polish your communication skills by learning simple techniques + easy adjustments to your mind, voice + body.

Rating: 4.6

How to Start a Business

The most comprehensive online course for starting and growing your own business.

Rating: 3.65

Inventory Optimization

Quantitative Approach towards Inventory Management

Rating: 3.7

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Everything you need to know to make it as a successful entrepreneur

Rating: 4.05

How to Budget and Forecast for Your Business

by Tim Berry, Business Planning Expert

Rating: 4.4375

Getting Investors for Your Business Startup

Everything you need to know to raise funds to get your business started

Rating: 4.6

Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle and Global Retailers

Self publishing made easy. Sell ebooks at Amazon, Apple, Google, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, Scribd and major retailers.

Rating: 4.05

How to Make Killer Green Screen Videos

Learn how to make green screen videos to promote your product and increase your sales,using iMovie green screen tutorial

Rating: 4.25

How to Make a Podcast with Garageband

Learn how to create and start a podcast with Garageband, Wordpress, and iTunes

Rating: 3.5

EU funding: How to access programmes and projects - Module 1

An Introduction to EU grants programmes. This is the first of three Modules on how to access EU Programmes

Rating: 3.8

Building Your Platform

What Businesses of All Sizes and Types Can Learn from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

Rating: 3.3

Powerful business writing: How to write concisely

A concise business writing course for punchy, professional and powerful writing – at work, at university, on your blog

Rating: 4.35

Seal the Deal: Win Business and Influence Leadership

Your coach for how to market your business and easily get the right clients without cold calling!

Rating: 3.35714

Vet Your Startup Ideas With the Startup Matrix

A bulletproof way to ensure that your product ideas are worth pursuing.

Rating: 4.1

Chief Financial Officer Leadership Program

An ever expanding program of courses helping financial professionals aspire to the top levels of financial leadership

Rating: 4.30263

From Startup to Millions Before 30: Part 1

Part 1 of a comprehensive, in-depth, and fun video that mentors young entrepreneurs to starting and growing a business.

Rating: 4.28571

Federal Grant Writing 101

Grant Writing Classes on How to Write and Win a Federal Government Grant Award

Rating: 4.45833

Faith-Based Grants

This course will guide faith-based groups through the action steps needed to apply for grants.

Rating: 3.55

Optimization & A/B Testing Statistics

Speed up your a/b tests by doing it right from the start.

Rating: 3.95

Sales and Persuasion Skills for Startups

The entrepreneur's sure guide to getting a 'Yes'

Rating: 4.4697

Cold Call 101: How to Cold Call like a Boss

Learn the secret cold calling techniques and systems for getting anyone on the phone and getting new business, today!

Rating: 3.75

Master Your Mindset & Brain: Framestorm Your Way to Success

Excel in any situation. Tweak your mindset in brain-smart ways. Master class in reframing based on neuroscience.

Rating: 4.50623

Management Principles

This course will introduce you to basic management theory: planning, organizing, leading and control.

Rating: 4.9

Professional Selling

Anyone can learn how to become more persuasive and how to deliver a professional quality sales presentation.

Rating: 4.5

Introduction to Business

Get a full introductory college business course taught by a former CEO.

Rating: 4.6

Film School On Demand - How to Make & Sell your First Movie

If you've wondered how to make a movie and dreaming of making your own one, then this is the course for you!

Rating: 4.2

Winning Sales Script System for Sales and Marketing

Learn how to build a winning sales script system to close more sales, today.

Rating: 4.05

Working with Difficult People

Learn How to Work with Difficult People in a Work Environment

Rating: 4.15

Customer Service Training

Learn the basics of customer service its practical application by taking this customer service course.

Rating: 4.5

Planning Your Podcast

Learn how to create a podcast properly. These are all the questions you need to ask before pressing record.

Rating: 4.5

Public Speaking, presentations - painless and powerful

Public speaking ? Forget the fear and learn to enjoy giving fantastic presentations . Powerful, persuasive, confident.

Rating: 4.35

Drafting Social Media Policies

Learn Social Media Policy for Business, Corporate Social Media Policy Examples. Includes a Social Media Policy Template.

Rating: 4.7

How to Write a Thesis

Need to write a thesis to graduate? Here's how!

Rating: 3.95

Outsource Expert: Find Great Freelancers for your Projects

Everything you need to find and manage great freelancers. Turn the ideas in your head into reality through outsourcing!

Rating: 4.5

How to Prosper and Thrive as a DIY Musician

Learn how to promote your music and engage with fans to build up your fan base.

Rating: 4.3

Writing to Heal. Using journaling to transform your life

Create lasting change through journaling, writing, reflecting and creative writing exercises. Memoir preparation

Rating: 4.1

Improv your Agile or Scrum Stand-up

Get the most out of your daily stand-up meeting. Get rid of bad habits and bring life to your team with improv!

Rating: 4.25

How to Bring the Right Business Ideas to Life

Tips, Tricks & Practical applications for creating multiple streams of income from more residual income opportunities.

Rating: 4.65

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