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Aprende a tocar Piano o Teclado (Desde nivel básico)

Curso completo de Piano con TEORÍA para el fundamento musical y AUDIOPERCEPTIVA para entrenar tu oido.

Rating: 4.6

Play Ukulele Now

Learn to play ukulele, make your own music in your own way on the ukulele and have fun doing it.

Rating: 4.9

Pandora Internet Radio: Your Customized Music Experience

Learn to use the powerful options in the free Pandora Internet Service to create your customized music experience.

Rating: 4.55

DJ Course in Traktor & Virtual DJ

Learn DJing skills from a real DJ! This course uses Traktor & Virtual DJ; the skills can be used with any DJ Software.

Rating: 3.75

DJ with Ableton Live (includes a full warping course)

Learn to DJ with Ableton Live! Learn to warp anything to build the most creative DJ sets known to man :)

Rating: 3.75

Create an energetic House Track with Logic Pro

Learn how to use Logic Pro to create, mix and master your own house track with this Logic Pro tutorial.

Rating: 3.7

How to Understand Music Better and Unleash Your Creativity

Geared Towards Beginners, but Seasoned Players can Benefit...

Rating: 4.55556

Learn Guitar in 21 Days

Learn how to play thousands of your favorite songs on guitar in just 3 weeks!

Rating: 4.39773

Piano Improvisation from Day One

Learn Piano Inventing Melodies and Rhythms with Scales, Chords and Cadences

Rating: 4

Mixing Electronic Music with Logic Pro

Learn everything you need to know about mixing electronic music with Logic Pro - Includes project stems to download

Rating: 4.5

Learn Deep House Production with Logic Pro

Learn to produce Deep House music from grammy nominated producer Davidson Ospina

Rating: 3.7

Aprende batería con el nuevo método IDT

Descubre un nuevo método sobre técnica de manos en batería. ¡Aprende cómo mover tus manos paso a paso y desde cero!

Rating: 3.85

Build Your Own Guitar

A step by step guide to making a set neck electric guitar with virtually unlimited scope for customization

Rating: 4.85

How to Remix in Logic Pro X

Learn the theory and practice of top remixers so that you can start remixing songs today!

Rating: 4.5

Senior Citizens Piano for Beginners

Incredibly quick and easy way for Senior Citizens to learn songs on piano WITHOUT needing to read notation

Rating: 4.2

Adventures in Classical Music—Music Appreciation for All!

Understand and enjoy classical music at your own pace. A music history course, including a music theory introduction.

Rating: 4.78846

Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar Lessons: Getting Started

Acoustic Guitar Theory, Fingerpicking, Fretting, Chords: Most Important 25 Videos For Getting Started w/ Playing Guitar

Rating: 4.40909

Beginners Guide to Playing Guitar - Step-by-step System

The Ultimate Beginners "How to" System to Playing Guitar

Rating: 4.15

Learn How to Play Piano & Keyboards - Easy Beginner Lessons

Play piano or keyboards today both hands together. No prior ability to read music. Entire pieces from the first lessons.

Rating: 4.6

Blues Guitar and Advanced Guitar Lessons

Blues Guitar Lessons Rhythm and Lead Course: Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar

Rating: 4.4

Old-Time Banjo for the Absolute Beginner

An Easy to Learn Old-Time Style of Banjo Playing call Up-Picking. Quick Success, Quick Fun! No Experience Necessary!

Rating: 4.55

Complete Guitar Lessons System - Beginner to Advanced

All-in-one Guitar Course, Fingerstyle Guitar, Blues Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar & Fingerpicking Guitarra

Rating: 4.64072

Nebula Explained Professional

All the detailed information about using Nebula that the professional user demands

Rating: 4.4

Aprenda Teoría de Música

Aprende conceptos básicos de música y sonido para interpretar pentagramas y cifrados de cualquier instrumento.

Rating: 4

Learn how to make a song in one hour

Most of John Bura's courses are on sale for 9 dollars! Sale ends Oct 31 2013! Act now!

Rating: 4.15

Just chords Piano: Learn to Play Piano Quickly - No Music

Play piano with chords, the fast, easy way to play piano like the pro's do, playing by ear and no sheet music to learn.

Rating: 4.55

Beginning Flute Lessons

Go from knowing nothing about the flute to playing songs in no time.

Rating: 4.6

Los 7 Acordes para Tocarlo Todo en un fin de semana

Aprende a tocar la guitarra desde cero, con 7 acordes para tocarlo todo y en un fin de semana.

Rating: 4.15

Have fun learning music basics! No-Anxiety Music Theory.

Learn to understand the elements of music theory and how they fuse, unite and partner to become the music we love.

Rating: 4.4

Drum Set for Beginners

Playing the drums is fun and easy!

Rating: 4.7

Sound Design with Massive

Learn the principles of sound design and synthesis by mastering Native Instruments' Massive

Rating: 4.5

Improvise Puccini´s "E Lucevan le Stelle" on Piano

Learn Scales, Chords, Progressions, Notations, Composition and Improvisation on the Piano

Rating: 4.66667

Be a Musician Through Piano Improvisation. Basics - 24 keys.

Feel the freedom and joy of making your own music! A quick, easy method, giving a solid foundation. Tried and tested!

Rating: 3.92857

Gospel Piano Essentials

Essential training designed to take you gospel skills to the next level.

Rating: 4.35

Elite Singing Techniques - Phase I

Step by step singing system proven to develop great technique and vocal mastery, Results are immediate!

Rating: 4.73077

Music Theory Classes

Learn everything from the complete basics to the advanced cocepts of music theory. Music theory is the study of music.

Rating: 4

Have Fun with Beginner Blues Piano

Learn to play and even create your own simple 12 bar blues pieces in weeks

Rating: 4.5

How to produce a Retro Techno House Record in Ableton Music

This is a step by step video screencast tutorial that will teach you how to create an old skool Techno House record.

Rating: 4.3

Record & Mix Music like a Pro - Acoustic Guitars and Vocals!

Recording & Mixing Music: Start learning the BEST techniques in the industry used on multiple platinum selling records!

Rating: 4.65

Beginner Guitar - 38 Easy Lessons You Needs to Get Started

Learn the basic building blocks of playing the guitar that you would get from your first few private guitar lessons!

Rating: 4.85

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