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R Programming for Data Science and Machine Learning

Learn R Programming Language for Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Data Visualization with Libraries

Rating: 4.71667

Introduction to R Programming - A Modern Approach

Introduction to fundamentals of R programming - Writing effective, simple, and modern R codes using tidyverse and more

Rating: 4.7

Gestión Materiales SAP MM - N°1 Datos Maestros

Conviértete en un experto de los Datos Maestros del módulo MM de SAP ERP y S/4HANA

Rating: 4.7

The Complete Strapi Course - with plugins and deployment

The only Strapi v4 course you'll ever need! From the basics to building a full app, a plugin and production deployment!

Rating: 4.66892

The Simplest Guide to Advanced SAS Programming -Macros-SQL

Master Data Analysis using advanced SAS skills like SAS Macros & Proc SQL | SAS Advanced Certification | SAS Base Prereq

Rating: 4.65

SAS Enterprise Guide (Türkçe)

SAS Enterprise Guide ile Veri Analizi, Veri İşleme, Veri Temizleme, Raporlama İşlemleri

Rating: 4.6

ITIL 4 Sample Exams [2019]

The official sample exams to get the ITIL 4 Certification

Rating: 4.6

CLINICAL SAS Programming The Simplest Guide *SAS Clinical

Step into the world of Pharmaceutical industry |Clinical Trials |Clinical Research |Biostatistics |Data Management| SAS

Rating: 4.55

SAS for Statistics

SAS for Statistical Concepts and Data Visualization

Rating: 4.53333

Hack into SAS Clinical Trials Programming Certification

Practice Exams and Tutorials on CDISC and Clinical Programming

Rating: 4.53333

Cluster Analysis- Theory & workout using SAS and R

Unsupervised Machine Learning : Hierarchical & non hierarchical clustering (k-means), theory & SAS / R program

Rating: 4.5

Snowflake SnowPro Core Certification - Practice Tests

Get confident in clearing SnowPro Core Certfication | Understand pattern of the examination

Rating: 4.5

SAS MACRO Programming - Advanced Programming for Beginners

The Most Complete Course on SAS MACRO Programming : Theory and a lot of Practice

Rating: 4.45

Real time Full Azure training for System Administrators

Learn Complete Azure Training with 66+ hours of Content with Step by step Demos, Its a Full Azure cloud Training Course

Rating: 4.42105

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Factor Analysis

Analytics / Machine Learning / Dimensionality Reduction : PCA & Factor Analysis using SAS and R program

Rating: 4.4

Complete & Practical SAS, Statistics & Data Analysis Course

A complete guide and use cases study for job seekers and beginners -- start career in SAS, Statistics and Data science

Rating: 4.33333



Rating: 4.3

Basic SAS Programming

A guide to basic programming in SAS and data base concepts

Rating: 4.3

Service Organization Control Reports under SSAE18

This course provides the participant with an understanding of each type of SOC report and their relative use.

Rating: 4.3

Aprende Portal TNS

Portal TNS Sistema Contable y Administrativo Integrado

Rating: 4.25

SAS PROCEDURES for beginners & A lot of PRACTICE

Required Course for Beginners. Data manipulation, Statistical Analysis and Creation Reports using SAS Procedures

Rating: 4.2

Sarbanes Oxley:Learn about SOX Law, Titles, Sections, Audits

Learn Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, Key Terminologies for Sarbanes-Oxley, Sarbanes Oxley Act Titles

Rating: 4.2

2 Real World Azure Data Engineer Project End to End

Engineering Project Building from scratch including designing, architecting, implementing solution and overall testing.

Rating: 4.16026

Postgraduate Diploma: CRM Platform Expert

CRM Platforms at Sales, Service, Marketing and Business Management (Siebel, Dynamics CRM/365, Salesforce, SAP CRM)

Rating: 4.125

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for Managers

Manage Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Developers and Projects

Rating: 4.1

SAS Certified Specialist (Base) Readiness Exam

Our readiness exam is based on the 9.4 Base SAS Certification Questions and is a realistic gauge of your preparedness.

Rating: 4.1

Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis

How to estimate detailed direct, indirect, and total effects for complex, intertwined mediating and moderating effects.

Rating: 4.05

Curso Google Data Studio em Português (Data Analytics)

Análise de Dados com o Google Data Studio em Português do básico ao avançado.

Rating: 4.05

SAS Programming: Data Manipulation and Analysing Techniques

Learn Data Transformation with SAS. Clean dirty data with SAS. Analyse your data with SAS. Lots of SAS Practices !

Rating: 4.05

SAS for Data Science

Data Science, Sas Macros, Sas SQL, Sas Programming

Rating: 4

SAS for Data Analysis and Visualization

Data Visualization, Data Manipulation, Data Handling, SAS, SAS SQL, PROC procedures

Rating: 3.9

Amadeus GDS Training | Amadeus Course | Amadeus Tutorial

Amadeus Course Step by Step | Amadeus Course | Amadeus GDS Training | Amadeus GDS Reservation Course

Rating: 3.89286

Complete SAS Programming Bootcamp 2019: Go from zero to hero

Learn to program in the SAS Language, also known as SAS Base or Base SAS. SAS Programming is awesome for Data Science!

Rating: 3.85

Logistic Regression using SAS - Indepth Predictive Modeling

Analytics /Machine Learning / Data Science: Statistical / Econometrics foundation, SAS Program details, Modeling demo

Rating: 3.85

An Overview of SSAE 16 Standards and SOC Reporting

This course offers an overview of SSAE 16 standards and SOC reporting options.

Rating: 3.75

R: Learn to Program in R & Use R for Effective Data Analysis

Go deeper into Data Analysis. Learn R—Google & Facebook employees use it to do data manipulation and management.

Rating: 3.6

SAS Macro Programming By Example

Learn the syntax of SAS macro and see workout examples. understand use case, debugging, error handling, looping etc.

Rating: 3.6

Learn logistic regression modeling in 1 week

A hands-on, project-based training to help you quickly learn predictive modeling skills through real-world project work.

Rating: 3.1

Statistics for Bioinformatics I

Analysis with SPSS

Rating: 3

Data Mining with RapidMiner

Data Mining with RapidMiner

Rating: 2.9

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