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Windows Privilege Escalation Penetration Testing - Part I

Enumeration and Exploitation of Windows Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations to Access an Administrator Shell.

Rating: 5

Learn English Literature 2021

Learn the basics of English literature: poetry, novel and drama

Rating: 5

Of Mice and Men - In Plain English

Everything Your English Teacher Wants You to Know

Rating: 5

[2022] Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Certification

Learn All You Need To Know About Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) In Psychology

Rating: 5

Change Your Life Story for Manifestation and Transformation

The Craft of Storytelling To Experience The Adventure of Life As You Desire

Rating: 5

轮滑基础教程 roller skating for beginners

Roller skating is actually very easy

Rating: 5

Hypertension in pregnant women

preeclampsia and its effect on both mother and fetus

Rating: 5

Building Virtual Classroom Community

A notion towards excellence!

Rating: 5

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Finding the Superpower Amongst the Trauma

Rating: 5

Introduction to Sartre's Existentialism (Phil 101)

A Brief History of Existentialism, Chief Features, Problems related to Human Existence, Sartre's Philosophy

Rating: 5

Crash Course in Tort of Negligence

A complete course to prepare you for both problem questions and pointers for essay on English tort of negligence.

Rating: 5

Metaverse : Learn the Facts behind the “Metaverse” Fad

Metaverse, Blockchain, Investment, NFT, Digital wallet, Digital ID, VR, AR, Digital Twin: Future is here

Rating: 5

Co-ordination Compounds - Inorganic Chemistry

Complete Chemistry for Engg and Medical Entrance Exam Preparation. ( IIT JEE Main | Advanced | BITSAT | SAT | NEET etc.)

Rating: 5

The Dangerous Elshad System Chess Opening For Black

Defeat Strong Opponents At Will!

Rating: 5

Exploit opportunities in times of crisis

Explore your personality, develop a positive mindset, come up with business ideas, and overcome obstacles

Rating: 4.9375

Exec 901: Introduction to Management with "Slimf it" Method

Novel. Scientific. Practical. The program that covers ALL YOU NEED TO MAKE AN IMPACT

Rating: 4.9

Master your German

Learning German online successfully: improving speaking, reading and writing skills.

Rating: 4.9

How to Write An Awesome Thriller or Horror Novel

From First Word to Final Draft

Rating: 4.9

Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 (A Complete Guide 2020)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a new illness that affects the lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called Coronavirus.

Rating: 4.9

Art Imitating Art: A Beginner's Guide to NFT Investment

Understanding what NFTs are, how to buy them, and how to sell them

Rating: 4.875

Get Your Fiction Manuscript Past the Gatekeeper

9 Story Revision & Editing Techniques to Get Your Novel Published

Rating: 4.85

How to Stop Stalling and Write Your Book

Learn how to finally live your dream of being a writer (and doing the work) with no more stalling and no more fear.

Rating: 4.85

Three Powerful Thai Yoga Massages: Three Pro Certificates

Learn Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Deep-Tissue Therapeutic Massage, and Gentle Rhythmic Thai Techniques

Rating: 4.85

Fully Accredited Certification in Storytelling - Masterclass

Become professional storyteller | Learn creative writing skills

Rating: 4.85

How to Write Space Adventure (SF Sisters)

The core characteristics of the genre, and how to create your story and characters

Rating: 4.85

Write a Hit Novel or Script Using The Secrets of SUSPENSE!

You will be able to write stories that your audience can't stop reading or watching!

Rating: 4.85

7 Day Metaverse Course: AR, VR, Metaverse Creation with Ease

Build a Metaverse from scratch and learn about AR, VR, Cryptos, in a 7 Day Web 3.0 Course

Rating: 4.8375

Master Primer Designing & Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Learn Primer Designing and In-silico Polymerase Chain Reaction(PCR) amplification using Bioinformatics Tools.

Rating: 4.83333

Achieve Your Dream

A Bestselling Author Reveals A Turbocharged Success System to Getting Anything You Want As Soon As Possible

Rating: 4.83333

Ten Great American Novels

Ten Works that Represent the Best of the USA

Rating: 4.8125

Screenwriting: Pitching Your Screenplay or Novel in 60 Secs

Learn How to Get Your Screenplay or Novel Read. Pitching is a needed tool in Writing, Storytelling & Screenwriting

Rating: 4.8

Chess Openings: The provocative Black Knights' Tango

Win with black against 1.e4 and 1.d4 using a Knight tango weakness provocation strategy

Rating: 4.8

Occupational Therapy Certificate

Introduction On How to Become Occupational Therapist Crash Course

Rating: 4.8

Sell Your Novel to a Major Publisher (Writing Mastery)

Become a paid, published author with this comprehensive, step-by-step insider’s guide to traditional publishing

Rating: 4.8

Novel Writing: Adding Hollywood Magic to Your Writing

Writing a book? Learn to Add Hollywood Magic to Your Novel Writing or Storytelling from the Screenwriting Legend.

Rating: 4.8

Creative Writing: Creative Exercises For New Writing Ideas

30 Creative writing exercises. Writing to improve creative thinking. Write to make an income from your creative writing.

Rating: 4.8

How to Write Your Novel

Simple and Effective Techniques to Guide You on Your Writing Journey

Rating: 4.8

Easily Create Beautiful Books with Vellum for Mac

Save time designing beautiful print and ebooks for Apple Book, Kindle, and Nook using the free Vellum for macOS.

Rating: 4.8

Prepare Your Comic, Manga or Graphic Novel For Print

How to make your comic or manga look awesome in print!

Rating: 4.8

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