League Of Legends Ryze Build Courses

Rocket League Trading Guide (0 to 100k credits in 2 months)

The Ultimate Rocket League Trading Course

Rating: 5

Master Copy Painting in Oil or Acrylic

Learn How to Paint a Still Life from start to finish with Copper, Glass and Peppers

Rating: 5

Learn Fantasy Basketball Basics in an Hour

Season Long Strategies to compete in your Fantasy Basketball League

Rating: 5

The Complete Guide to Rocket League

Learn how to improve your mechanics, positioning, and game sense to reach Grand Champion and beyond.

Rating: 4.95

INTERVIEW PRO: School & University INTERVIEW SKILLS in 1 hr!

Interview Skills & Tips to Ace Your Next Top School Interview, University Interview or Scholarship Interview

Rating: 4.94444

Developing Sprint Hurdlers From Beginner To Elite

Foundations of Sprint Hurdling

Rating: 4.92857

Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables (in Arabic)

تحليل البيانات باستخدام Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables

Rating: 4.85

How to bring your sports team from last to first.

Sharing mindset tips and the skills that allowed me to bring my team from last to first in less than a year.

Rating: 4.83333

Menu Planning Blueprint for Cloud Kitchens

Detailed Approach to Menu Planning for your Dream Cloud Kitchen

Rating: 4.83333

Feel Better. Feel Happier

Learn how to feel less stressed, be calmer, happier & more fulfilled.

Rating: 4.8

Advanced MBA Admissions Strategies

How to Break Into An Ivy League MBA

Rating: 4.8

Painting a Black & White Master Copy

To Improve Your Painting Skills of Any Level in oil or acrylic

Rating: 4.8

League of legend Support [+Eng Sub] 리그 오브 레전드 서포터학개론

How to climb as a support. 서포터로 티어 올리기

Rating: 4.8

Google Professional Cloud Architect - 2022 Practice Test

Get your Google Cloud Professional Architect certification - Latest 2022 Exam Questions

Rating: 4.78061

Soccer Skills and Drills: Winning the 1v1 Match-up

Featuring Coach Joe Luxbacher

Rating: 4.75

Cinema 4D - Justice League Flash Scene - VFX for Beginners

Cinema 4D - Create stunning Visual Effects & VFX Compositing and Motion Graphics inspired by DC movie Justice League

Rating: 4.75

Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Course

Earn income doing what you LOVE - helping people - from the comfort of your home (beginner to advanced)

Rating: 4.73684

The Complete College Application Bootcamp

Harvard Grads' Guide to College Admissions: Personal Statement, Supplemental Essays, Activities, and More

Rating: 4.7

Learn How To Improve Your Hockey Skills From Home

Hockey Workouts from Home

Rating: 4.66667

Max Velocity Pitching Mechanics

Elite Pitching Mechanics in 21 days with an NCAA D1 College Pitching Coach

Rating: 4.625

Soccer/Football Coach Career Development - Get That Job!

A tried & tested blueprint for creating your own coaching career pathways, that can be adapted for any level coach.

Rating: 4.625

Introduction to International Relations

International Relations for beginners: history, theories, states, sovereignty, war, peace, int. organisations, economy

Rating: 4.60294

Pass Perfection: Exam Study Technique

Are you feeling stressed about your exams? Having trouble studying? This easy to use course is your ticket to success!

Rating: 4.6

Exercise Away Your Shoulder Pain

Assess your own shoulder then use a progression of 8 exercises to reduce shoulder pain from your own living room

Rating: 4.6

Basquete em casa: Neurociência aplicada ao treinamento

Curso prático para auxiliar treinadores e jogadores a desenvolverem treinamentos em casa com estímulo cognitivo

Rating: 4.6

Smart Tips: Communication

Communicate with impact, master presentation skills, give/receive effective feedback, and navigate tricky conversations.

Rating: 4.59728

Scrapy Masterclass: Learn Web Scraping With Scrapy Framework

Master Web Scraping using Scrapy Python Framework and this Step-By-Step & In-Depth Web Scraping Guide For Beginners

Rating: 4.59375

English Vocabulary #11: 69 More Random Words to Learn

Essential English Grammar and Communication Skills for IELTS and Mastering English as a Second Language

Rating: 4.55

Drawing and Sketching for Designers (and Everyone Else!)

Establish a strong foundation for graphic design by learning how to effectively draw and visually communicate ideas.

Rating: 4.55

Norman Bodek's Harada Method - The People Side of Lean

The proven system towards self-reliance and the use of a coach. An employee-alignment masterpiece - discover it now.

Rating: 4.55

Quarterback Skills and Drills

Featuring Coach Ed Zaunbrecher

Rating: 4.5

Kitchen Planning for Food Busines & Cloud Kitchens

Detailed Approach to Kitchen Planning to Design for your Dream Cloud Kitchen

Rating: 4.5

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) For Beginner Gamers

Discover the lucrative world of PUBG, eSports and Tournaments

Rating: 4.45

Creating Sports League Tables and Tournaments in Excel

Learn how to set up spreadsheets to calculate league table rankings and other sports competitions in Excel.

Rating: 4.45

Google Cloud (GCP) Professional Cloud Architect

Classroom style coaching for GCP (Begineer to experienced level). Includes new case Studies (EHR, Helicopter Racing)

Rating: 4.44186

Learn SAP® BTP

Get started with SAP® BTP Understand SAP® BTP, SAP® Cloud Foundry, SAP® Kyma and Usage

Rating: 4.4232

Xero: How to become a Xero Superuser

Learn Xero Superpowers from an expert - earn fast track promotion to the Xero Superuser League.

Rating: 4.4

Practical Interview Secrets that will Get you the Job

Explore some amazing Job-Oriented Practical Interview Secrets of 2022

Rating: 4.4

Understand Football (Soccer) better with Phases of Play

Great for Coaches, Analysts and Football Fans

Rating: 4.4

B2B Sales Growth Hacking for Food & Agriculture Business

Step-by-Step Guide to leveraging the power of B2B Sales for your Agri or Food Business without prior Background in Sales

Rating: 4.38889

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