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Learn To Play Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky on the Piano

Your step by step guide to learn from scratch all the way to perfect performance in detailed & simple analysis

Rating: 5

Acrylic lesson - Swan Lake - Landscape

We learn how to paint the Swan Lake Landscape step-by-step!

Rating: 5

Ultimate Bucket List, Part II, Travel Tribe

In this dynamic, fast-paced course, we explore the top sites and famous locations of Italy, Portugal, Spain & Gibraltar!

Rating: 5

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set 1 (Tutorial and follow along)

With a tutor who has been certified by Professor Housheng Lin, the creator of Tai Chi Qigong shibashi

Rating: 5

Learn Lake House Digital Painting using Autodesk Sketchbook

Learn How to use Autodesk Sketchbook for creating professional Digital Painting with tools and painting techniques

Rating: 5

Azure Databricks and Spark SQL (Python)

Hands-on course focusing on data engineering and analysis on Azure Databricks using Spark SQL

Rating: 4.95

Create Realistic Looking Forests & Mountains in Blender

Your guide to create the entire world in Blender.

Rating: 4.875

Managing Customer Data with Exacaster Customer 360 Primer

Join this course to learn how to build a solid customer data foundation with Exacaster Customer 360 platform

Rating: 4.85

How to run a six-figure photography business!

I will show you how I have built and sustained a six-figure photography business for 15 years.

Rating: 4.85

Train your Brain and Mind

How to Train your Brain & Mind with Scientifically Proven Methods

Rating: 4.8

DP-900 Mock Tests

These mock tests will help you in preparation for the DP-900 exam. All the latest questions are covered in the tests.

Rating: 4.8

How to Build an Extreme Gaming PC!

A comprehensive guide to Building Your 1st Gaming PC - Step-by-Step for Beginner's.

Rating: 4.75

Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate - Preparation

Preparation course for Databricks Data Engineer Associate certification exam

Rating: 4.73148

Sunset Watercolor Painting For A Beginner

Step by Step painting for beginners with Practice demos and project to create a beautiful sunset painting of your own.

Rating: 4.72222

Drumming Into Jazz - Prepare for Jazz Band Audition

Designed to take a drummer with no Jazz experience and equip them with all of the fundamentals for playing in Jazz Band.

Rating: 4.71429

Design Like An Architect

The basics of architecture and architectural design

Rating: 4.7

The Cover Letter Code : Your Secret Weapon to Get a New Job

Confidently write a Cover Letter that makes hiring managers want to meet you using this Proven step-by-step System.

Rating: 4.7

Learn to Play Trombone: Go From Beginner to Pro in No Time!

Master the art of Trombone! Cover a year's worth of private lessons in just a few hours, for a fraction of the cost.

Rating: 4.66667

Suluboya ile Yolculuk | Journey with Watercolor

Temel Kavramları öğrenin | Suluboya Teknikleri | Boyalar | Fırçalar | Suluboya Kağıtları | Suluboya hakkında herşey

Rating: 4.65

Learn Advanced Scripting in Maya by Building Custom Tools

Build an FBX exporter in Maya while learning some advanced scripting techniques!

Rating: 4.65

ACE the AP Statistics Exam and MASTER Elementary Statistics!

My AP Statistics and Elementary Video Series will help you ace the AP exam and master all Elementary Statistics Concepts

Rating: 4.65

Azure Synapse Analytics For Data Engineers -Hands On Project

Hands on Project for Data Engineers using all the services available in Azure Synapse Analytics [DP-203, DP-500]

Rating: 4.64899

Data Engineering for Beginner using Google Cloud & Python

Basic data engineering : python, pandas, google cloud platform (GCP) bigquery, spark on dataproc, gcs, data warehouse

Rating: 4.63793

Azure Data Factory For Data Engineers - Project on Covid19

Real world project for Data Engineers using Azure Data Factory, SQL, Data Lake, Databricks, HDInsight, CI/CD [DP203]

Rating: 4.62587

Azure Databricks & Spark Core For Data Engineers(Python/SQL)

Real World Project on Formula1 Racing for Data Engineers using Azure Databricks, Delta Lake, Azure Data Factory [DP203]

Rating: 4.61293

Modern Reinforcement Learning: Deep Q Learning in PyTorch

How to Turn Deep Reinforcement Learning Research Papers Into Agents That Beat Classic Atari Games

Rating: 4.60938

Basquete em casa: Neurociência aplicada ao treinamento

Curso prático para auxiliar treinadores e jogadores a desenvolverem treinamentos em casa com estímulo cognitivo

Rating: 4.6

Microsoft DP-200/ DP-201/ DP-203 Practice Tests

3 comprehensive practice tests to prepare for MS DP-200/201, based on the real exam and official learning material

Rating: 4.6

Snowflake Database - The Modern Data Lake

See how Snowflake can become your new modern data lake along with your data warehouse and everything else

Rating: 4.6

Create A Volcanic Lake In Terragen

Terragen By Example

Rating: 4.58333

The Complete dbt (Data Build Tool) Bootcamp: Zero to Hero

Learn Analytics Engineering with this dbt™ course covering theory & practice through a real-world Airbnb use case.

Rating: 4.575

Create Hotel Website with Online Booking & Reservation in WP

Create a professional website for your hotel, motel or any property and accept booking and reservations with WordPress

Rating: 4.55

Future Land Use with GIS - TerrSet - CA Markov - ArcGIS

CA Markov Model Machine Learning Approach. ArcGIS Erdas QGIS used for data Preparation and TerrSet for Prediction GIS

Rating: 4.55

Painting Wild Places with Watercolors: Crater Lake

Step-by-step instructional videos with a downloadable Color Painting Reference and full-size Traceable Drawing Guide.

Rating: 4.55

Reinforcement Learning & Deep RL Python(Theory & Projects)

Reinforcement Learning: Deep Q-Learning, SARSA, Deep RL, with Car Racing and Trading Project and Project and Interview

Rating: 4.54762

DP-203 - Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure 2021

Prepare for your DP-203 exam

Rating: 4.54394

Azure Data Factory for Beginners - Build Data Ingestion

Learn Azure Data Factory by building a Metadata-driven Ingestion Framework as an industry standard

Rating: 4.54321

Master Data Engineering using GCP Data Analytics

Learn GCS for Data Lake, BigQuery for Data Warehouse, GCP Dataproc and Databricks for Big Data Pipelines

Rating: 4.53571

AWS Data Architect Bootcamp - 43 Services 500 FAQs 20+ Tools

AWS Databases, EMR, SageMaker, IoT, Redshift, Glue, QuickSight, RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Rekognition & much more

Rating: 4.52419

AWS Serverless Design for IoT

Program the ESP8266/ESP32 in Arduino, then enhance, store, and and visualize IoT data with AWS Serverless design flows

Rating: 4.5

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