Kaplan Series 6 Live Class Courses

Balanced Scorecards

The ‘Balanced Scorecard’ links performance measures by looking at a business's strategic vision

Rating: 4.85714

Advanced Data Science Techniques in SPSS

Hone your SPSS skills to perfection - grasp the most high level data analysis methods available in the SPSS program.

Rating: 4.75

Contabilidad Administrativa: Costeo Basado en Actividades

Aprende a asignar los costos de los productos con los sistemas Tradicional y ABC. Incluye ejercicios y caso de enseñanza

Rating: 4.7

NCLEX Simplified: Master the Five Toughest Topics

The easiest way to be prepared for NCLEX! Get in-depth knowledge of Endocrine, Maternity, Neonate, Pediatrics, and Drugs

Rating: 4.55

Survival Analysis in R

Use R to master survival analysis, duration analysis, event time analysis or reliability analysis.

Rating: 4.42308

ACCA FM (F9): Comprehensive Revision | Financial Management

Comprehensive Revision covering entire syllabus by providing a clear explanation for 120+ OT and 6 Constructed Questions

Rating: 4.3

Performance Management Using Balanced Scorecard

The Fundamentals of Performance Management

Rating: 4.1

Create a Budget that Works

Learn how to create and maintain a personal budget in 5 easy steps using concepts and tools adaptable for a lifetime

Rating: 4.05

Balanced Scorecard: Master Your Data Driven Performance

Simplify Your Business Strategy and Increase Your Performance Using This Data Driven Tool

Rating: 4.05

Balanced Scorecard and KPI Essentials for Today's Managers

Build your Balanced Scorecard and Select Key Performance Indicators Right For Your Company

Rating: 4.05

Master Data Mining in Data Science & Machine Learning

Learn about Data Mining Standard Processes, Survival Analysis, Clustering Analysis, Various algorithms and much more.

Rating: 3.95455

Prospect & Close Sales To Scale Your Marketing Agency

Learn from industry leaders and see how they have been able to scale their business to the millions

Rating: 0

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