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Learn Line Protection Panel Schematics

Electrical Power System Protection

Rating: 5

CFD Analysis & Optimization using SolidWorks Free Surface

CFD an Industrial Approach to Simulate Heterogeneous Fluid Mixing Problems using SolidWorks Flow Free Surface Technique

Rating: 5

A single Window to Personality, Emotion, Physiology

How to : Quick personality profiling / Balance negative emotions / Conduct Coaching

Rating: 5

CMA US Part 2 -Section F:Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics

Rating: 5

CMA US Part 1 -Section A:External Financial Reporting

External Financial Reporting Decisions

Rating: 5

Stock transfer and intercompany sales with full confidence

Intra and inter company stock transfer, inter company sales with detailed explanation SD -MM - FI integration

Rating: 5

Secure Networking - A Company Network Project on Open-Source

Build a network project & learn Linux, nftables cluster, NAC, pfSense, pentest, network security, Kali Linux & Wireshark

Rating: 4.96341

Devenir Coach Santé Bien-Être

Santé et bien-être

Rating: 4.95

ABC Trastornos de Ansiedad y Depresión.

Programa de psicoeducación en depresión y trastornos de ansiedad.

Rating: 4.92308

Holistic Medicine Foundation

Adopting holistic medicine for total well being, principles of holistic medicine

Rating: 4.9

Economía Financiera: Modelos de inversión en Acciones

Análisis de Fundamentales y Carteras (Nivel Universidad)

Rating: 4.875

101 Exercícios para Piano (iniciante ao avançado)

Exercícios de técnica para piano e teclado online (independência dos dedos e coordenação das mãos) por Luciano Alves

Rating: 4.85714

Data Science using Machine Learning Algorithm with Big Data

Data Science and Data Analytics of Big Data with Machine Learning Algorithms

Rating: 4.85

Introduction to Finance Business Partnering

Fad or Value Add?

Rating: 4.85

Deep Dive into the 12 Signs of the Zodiac in Astrology

Solid introduction to Astrology through the Life Process

Rating: 4.85

Advanced Arduino Boards and Tools

A tour of advanced Arduinos boards, and the tools that will supercharge your projects

Rating: 4.85

Lessons in Leadership: The Aspirant Female Leader

Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

Rating: 4.83333

Simple Spirituality

Perspectives and Practices for More Peace and Joy in Everyday Life

Rating: 4.83333

SAP CO:S/4 HANA 2021: Training Discussion Batch 2

S/4 HANA 2021 Controlling: Product costing, Material Ledger and Margin Analysis live discussion with exp SAP Consultants

Rating: 4.8125

Curso básico de ajedrez

Rudimentos, Conceptos, Mates básicos, Finales

Rating: 4.8

curso Massagem Xamâ com Martelos (Tok Sen )

** técnica essencial para terapeutas holisticos, curadores, xamâs e reikianos, massoterapeutas

Rating: 4.8

Ansible for an Absolute Beginner - Automation - DevOps

Learn Ansible from scratch as an absolute beginner in DevOps using hands-on practice exercises

Rating: 4.8

QuickBooks Desktop Pro -Personal Bookkeeping-Accounting

QuickBooks for personal bookkeeping, finance, and accounting. Enter personal financial data, financial Statements

Rating: 4.79167

STM32L4 Bare-Metal Peripheral Drivers Development

No Libraries used, Professional CMSIS Standard, ARM Cortex, ADC,UART,TIMERS, GPIO,SPI,I2C etc.

Rating: 4.75

Ancient Egyptian Serpent Shamanism : Mysteries Unveiled

Unleash Uraeus Serpent Power: Kemetic Kundalini Yoga: Sacred Science Of The Djedi For Shamanic Interstellar Soul Travel

Rating: 4.75

CCNA Labs - 7 Days till your Cisco 200-125 and 200-105 Exam

CCNA / ICND2 Labs that you can practice at home with a full list of commands. A review before the exam.

Rating: 4.75

Awaken Your Heart, Creativity & Wisdom with Tara Brach

Inhabit your full aliveness with embodied awareness

Rating: 4.75

Factory Automation using PLC Logics

Interactive 3D platform to build and simulate Industrial Automation system

Rating: 4.75

Accounting for CA Inter Paper 1 (Module 2)

A Complete Online Course covering Module 2 of Accounting Paper 1 CA Inter

Rating: 4.75

SAP CO: Material Ledger with Inter and Intra company posting

Group Valuation-Additive cost with "Inter company" and Profit center Valuation-"Transfer Pricing" with "Intra company"

Rating: 4.75

Cisco CCNA: Vlans, Access-List & NAT + Bonus Material!

This course is geared for Cisco's, CCNA (200-120) certification exam. It will cover 3 essential things in the CCNA cert

Rating: 4.7

Java Multithreading & Concurrency - Interview Practice Exams

Prepare for your Java Software Engineering Job Interview with 100+ questions. Practice Java Concurrency & Multithreading

Rating: 4.7

Máster en Marketing Digital en menos de 24 horas!! - 2021

Conoce los últimos hacks de Marketing Digital que están rompiendo el mercado!

Rating: 4.66667

Productivity & Focus NOW: Move Onward, Upward & Forward!

A "Quick Start" Guide to Moving Past Procrastination & Powerful Tools for Productivity, Focus & Law of Attraction

Rating: 4.66667

Statistics for Data Analysis Using R

Learn Programming in R & R Studio • Descriptive, Inferential Statistics • Plots for Data Visualization • Data Science

Rating: 4.66049

Containerize Springboot CRUD App with Docker & DockerCompose

Learn everything about Docker, Docker compose by running your Springboot application & Database inside containers

Rating: 4.65385

ARM Cortex-M7 STM32F7 Bare-Metal Programming From Ground Up™

No Libraries used, Professional CMSIS Standard, ARM Cortex, ADC,UART,TIMERS, GPIO,SPI,I2C etc.

Rating: 4.65

How To Be Your Own Wizard Or Witch And Reclaim Your Magic

Learn How To Use Alchemy To Illuminate The Soul, Shamanically Travel To Other Dimensions, And Manifest A Mystical Life

Rating: 4.65

Layer 2 Switching & VLAN's for Cisco CCNA

This course is geared for Cisco's, CCNA (200-120) certification exam. It will cover the Switching portion of the CCNA.

Rating: 4.65

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