Hospital Benefit Coverage Levels Courses

Occupational Therapy and Family Centered Care in the NICU

Doctoral Capstone Presentation

Rating: 5

Portuguese Course for Beginners and Brazil Travel Guide

A COMPLETE Portuguese Course for Beginners with TIPS about what to do in Brazil. Learn it in a EASY and FUN way!

Rating: 5

Sport Science: Exercise science part 1

Go from zero to hero in no time.

Rating: 5

First Aid Foundation

First aid procedure in workplace, ABCDE method of first aid, Pregnancy first aid, Traumatic injuries, Infant CPR etc.

Rating: 5

Training Direct Care Workers dealing with Stroke Survivors

How to improve stroke survivors’ and carers’ experiences and well-being

Rating: 5

Healthy long term weight management

Why are you overweight? How to manage your weight? Where can you find free resources to help yourself and your family?

Rating: 5

Curso de Auxiliar Veterinário

Fundamentação teórica e prática por meio de exercícios

Rating: 5

Beginners Ⅱ! Japanese listening & reading improvement

Conversation ! A university professor will teach you how to improve your Japanese listening & reading comprehension.

Rating: 5

Farmácia Hospitalar - Fluxo Saída de Materiais

Inicie o aprendizado sobre a rotina de saída de materiais em uma farmácia hospitalar.

Rating: 4.95

Homeopathy AND Flu Viruses

A complimentary approach to the management Flu viruses with Homeopathy, Nutrition and Well being

Rating: 4.9

Listening Skills: #1 Soft Skills Success Factor in Business

Practical Listening Skills that Win Relationships, Respect and Advance Careers in any Industry

Rating: 4.9

Conceive Effortlessly: A Complete Guide To Get Pregnant Fast

The most holistic program ever created to overcome infertility & get pregnant fast, naturally, easily & most definitely.

Rating: 4.9

100 Days Of Code: Real World Data Science Projects Bootcamp

Build 100 Projects in 100 Days- Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (Python, Flask, Django, AWS, Heruko Cloud)

Rating: 4.8913

Daily Chinese Complete Course

Learn Chinese that you can immediately practice in your daily life. Speak 90% of daily Chinese by the end of this course

Rating: 4.875

How to survive in Korean Company

How to fit in Korean company - Culture and Job skills

Rating: 4.875

II Congresso Holístico Sem Fronteiras

Novos Tempos, Nova Era

Rating: 4.875

Rotator Cuff Repair Protocol Shoulder Surgery | Pre-Op Class

A patient's guide to rotator cuff repair shoulder surgery. What to expect during recovery and rehabilitation.

Rating: 4.875

Creating a Healthcare Practice Welcoming to LGBT Seniors

Learn concrete, simple ways to reduce health disparities by helping LGBT seniors feel safe, accepted and understood.

Rating: 4.875

Create Your Birth Plan

A step-by-step guide to making informed decisions for you and your family

Rating: 4.85714

Angelic Ho'oponopono Practitioner

The Manuscript : A secret Code to Recreate Your Destiny

Rating: 4.85

Korean Acting & Language

Learn Korean language along with Korean acting!

Rating: 4.83333

Prenatal and Postnatal Birthing Classes - From Belly to Baby

Prenatal classes setting you up for a positive birth. All about pregnancy, labor, delivery, breastfeeding and baby care

Rating: 4.82353

The Data Science Pro Bootcamp 2022: 75 Projects In 75 Days

Build 75 Projects in 75 Days- Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (Python, Flask, Django, AWS, Heruko Cloud)

Rating: 4.82143

Electrical power distribution (Applied on Hospital project)

AutoCAD , Dialux , Ecodial ( Applied on Hospital project )

Rating: 4.8

Assessment and Promotion of Caregiver Support of Veterans

Drake University Doctoral Capstone Experience in affiliation with Central Iowa VA Hospital System

Rating: 4.75

Learning to Fall Safely

How to fall safely for the non-athlete in real-world situations.

Rating: 4.75

Beyond Healing with Grounding, Earthing and Sunning

Your body can heal itself of anything if you provide it the right environment to do so.

Rating: 4.75

Stress-busting: Leading a Healthier Life Through Knowledge

Discover what underpins most diseases and illnesses - Stress - and how to stop it from harming your health

Rating: 4.75

Upper body training. Japanese meta power trainer HINA

very easy training, but highly effective.Teach in Japanese.English subtitles.

Rating: 4.75

Data Science Marathon: 120 Projects To Build Your Portfolio

Build 120 Projects in 120 Days- Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (Python, Flask, Django, AWS, Heruko Cloud)

Rating: 4.7193

The Virtual Doula Birth Right Program

A guide to prepare for an amazing natural birth! I believe it's every woman's right to birth the way SHE sees fit.

Rating: 4.7

Gravida: Do Pregnancy and Postpartum Preparation Like a Pro

Everything you need to from know the moment you give birth through the first year postpartum

Rating: 4.7

MikroTik Enterprise Wireless Engineer with LABS

Understand how to implements a wireless network for an enterprise and be ready for the MikroTik MTCEWE exam

Rating: 4.7

I Congresso Holístico Sem Fronteiras

Versão 2021

Rating: 4.7

PHP Hospital System Using CodeIgniter Framework(2022) Part 2

This is the only course where complete erp software is fully developed using the most simpliest approach for very secure

Rating: 4.7

Practical Tips for Physical Therapy Evaluation Documentation

Unleash the Best Clinician in You

Rating: 4.66667

Primeros Auxilios Básicos más DC-3 de la STPS

Nuestra experiencia militar mejorará tu reacción ante una emergencia (Incluye demostraciones prácticas en cada vídeo)

Rating: 4.66667

Online Japanese JLPT N5 Digital Workbook : Beginner Level

With 10 minutes of daily study, you can master N5 level Japanese.

Rating: 4.66667

Learning the business side of medicine

Learn how to document and bill effectively for medical services and improve physician quality metrics

Rating: 4.65

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