Executive Presence Linkedin Course

Magical Circus Workshop

Learn Awesome tricks to impress your friends and family

Rating: 5

750+ Questions Psychometric Test Managerial/Executive Level

The Ultimate Guide for Psychometric Assessment & Personality Test - Managerial and Executive level

Rating: 5

S/4 HANA 2021 CO:Integrated with COPA Plan-Sales & Operation

S/4 HANA :Fully integrated with COPA Plan->SOP->Rough-Cut Plan->Demand Management->Planning Scenario->Long-term Planning

Rating: 5

All about Vegan Cuisine by APCA chef online

This program covers the Vegan program which can be made and enjoyed during Chinese New year

Rating: 5

Inventory Management in disruptive times

Learn how to control your inventory levels and maintain service.

Rating: 4.91667

Qi Gong for Longevity w Lee Holden (Health & Graceful Aging)

2021: How to create consistent anti-aging results w safe, natural, &traditional techniques in an easy to follow workout.

Rating: 4.88889

Qi Gong for a Healthy Heart: Cardio with Lee Holden 2021

Heal your heart, mind & soul with follow along qigong. Various length workouts w Lee Holden, doctor of Chinese medicine.

Rating: 4.875

II Congresso Holístico Sem Fronteiras

Novos Tempos, Nova Era

Rating: 4.875

Qi Gong for Better Balance w Lee Holden: Prevent Falls 2021

Feel calm and centered and prevent falls with this easy qi gong routine with qigong master Lee Holden (as seen on PBS).

Rating: 4.80769

Qi Gong for Depression & Emotional Balance w Lee Holden 2021

Relieve and prevent depression w follow along qigong. Various length workouts w Lee Holden, doctor of Chinese medicine.

Rating: 4.80556

Continual Improvement Proficiency for Business Leaders

Learn how to lead your organization on the journey of improvement

Rating: 4.8

Leader as coach

Coaching skills for managers and leaders

Rating: 4.8

Job Interviews: What Employers Want To Hear

The Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions & The Answers You Want To Give

Rating: 4.78571

The Executive Juris Doctor Degree

Become Your Own Business Attorney

Rating: 4.7

GRC Professional Certificate Q&A

Governance, Risk Management & Conpliance

Rating: 4.7

I Congresso Holístico Sem Fronteiras

Versão 2021

Rating: 4.7

Great Leaders Masterclass with Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall sits down with some of the greatest leaders of our time to discuss work and what is really important in life.

Rating: 4.7

The Stack Method: Inbox Zero Email Productivity Skills

Save 250+ hours a year on email and get back your work life balance with the Stack Method™. For Gmail, Outlook and more.

Rating: 4.65385

Qi Gong Seated Workout w Lee Holden (Chair Exercise) 2021

How to awaken your Qi (life-force energy) using easy-to-follow, effortless movements you can do while seated/lying down.

Rating: 4.65

The Complete Positive Psychology Master Class for Life

Learn Positive Thinking Habits to Allow Happiness, Success and Freedom to Come to You through Positive Psychology

Rating: 4.65

Secrets to B2B Cold Email - Convert Founders & Executives!

Learn to gain the power you need to successfully book sales meetings with virtually any executive in any industry.

Rating: 4.58333

How to win in Executive Recruitment

The BEST way to train your recruiters and yourself

Rating: 4.55

Executive Communication Training

Being a great leader without being a great communicator is nearly impossible.

Rating: 4.55

5 Practical Management concepts you MUST know

Cut through the noise and use just 5 critical management skills to get ahead as a manager

Rating: 4.5

Becoming an Executive Personal Assistant

Learn how to be an effective personal assistant, and find out how to develop the skills for the role.

Rating: 4.5

Internal Auditing For Supply Chain Fraud

This course discusses ways to unite operational process improvement with risk management to reduce risk due to fraud.

Rating: 4.5

Seth Godin on learning and education

Build the future of community, culture and possibility

Rating: 4.475

Performance Management and Compensation Management in HRM

Performance Management and Compensation Management Complete Course

Rating: 4.41935

Финансовый фундамент. Часть 1: Денежный поток

Формируем правильные повседневные финансовые привычки

Rating: 4.4

Business Corporate Governance

How to implement corporate governance, Board diversity on performance, Appraising board, Mechanisms and control etc

Rating: 4.35

Becoming a Legal Secretary

You do not need specific qualifications to become a legal secretary, but you will need excellent administrative and word

Rating: 4.35

Leadership In A Time of Change

From me to my community, an inspiring and practical framework for leadership and change

Rating: 4.3

Executive Business Plan Writing: Fill-in-the-Blanks Template

Templates Included - Fill-in-the-Blanks Business Plan and Financial Statements

Rating: 4.3

Sophisticated Executive Presentation Skills for the Busy CEO

4 Dozen Executive Presentation Skills You Can Use Tomorrow In Your Public Presentations, Staff Meetings, And 1 On 1's.

Rating: 4.25

Customer Escalations - Management and Prevention

Assess your team & company on escalations management maturity | Learn best practices | Move from reactive to preventive

Rating: 4.25

Les grands principes de la finance d’entreprise

Initiez-vous par la pratique : comptabilité, analyse financière, investissements, évaluation d’entreprise

Rating: 4.2381

How to Be an Effective Executive (Foundational Class)

To be an effective executive you must be able to create value for employees and customers. This course will show you how

Rating: 4.2

Business Analysis Step-by-Step: How to build a Business Case

A Step-by-Step approach to Financial Analysis, Business Case Development, and Executive-level Decision-Making

Rating: 4.125

Implementing NIST Cyber Security Framework

Become a professional in Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Rating: 4.1

HR Analytics & Dashboarding - Beginner to Intermediate

Learn HR Analytics & Dashboarding From Scratch

Rating: 4.1

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