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Dasar-Dasar Fotografi & Editing Menggunakan Adobe Lightroom

Kita akan mempelajari hal teknis dalam fotografi dan mempelajari cara mengoptimalkan hasil foto dengan Adobe Lightroom

Rating: 5

Design a minimal geometric scene in Blender

Create a beginner friendly 3D project

Rating: 5

Adobe Premiere Pro CC ile Müzik Klip Çekimi ve Editi

Premiere Pro ile kendi müzik videolarınızı yapmaya başlayın. Hem müzik çekimini öğren hem montajlamayı.

Rating: 5

Learn Carnatic Flute | Intermediate Level | Varnams Volume 5

(Volume 5) Learn Carnatic Flute - A course of Varnams in Various Raagas of Adi Thaalam

Rating: 5

Learn Carnatic Flute | Intermediate Level | Varnams Volume 4

(Volume 4) Learn Carnatic Flute - A course of Varnams in Various Raagas of Adi Thaalam

Rating: 5

Learn Carnatic Flute | Intermediate Level | Varnams Volume 3

(Volume 3) Learn Carnatic Flute - A course of Varnams in Various Raagas of Adi Thaalam

Rating: 5

Learn Carnatic Flute | Intermediate Level | Varnams Volume 2

(Volume 2) Learn Carnatic Flute - A course of Varnams in Various Raagas of Adi Thaalam

Rating: 5

Lights Camera Movie Film Making

Welcome to the online filmmaking video course for the next generation! We'll guide you through the entire process from s

Rating: 5

Learn Lightroom on Your iPad

How to edit photography like the professionals do!

Rating: 5

Yoga Teacher Training - How to teach yoga online? - Level 1

The ULTIMATE GUIDE to create a solid online business from upgrade your skills, attract more students and find success

Rating: 5

Small Business Video Blueprint - beginners video marketing

The ultimate step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks system for creating your own promotional videos at home, for beginners

Rating: 5

Microsoft Publisher 365 - Everything you need to know.

Create posters, newsletters, brochures, books, and long documents

Rating: 5

Evde Müzik Prodüksiyonuna Giriş

Ev stüdyosu kurmayı, ev stüdyonuzda kendi şarkılarınızı tertemiz kaydetmeyi öğrenin.

Rating: 4.95

Captivate MASTER CLASS - All Levels - 12 HOURS of content

Captivate 2019 Beginner to EXPERT! This class has EVERYTHING to create beautiful training modules quickly & easily!

Rating: 4.94828

Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Four

Part Four: Keyframes, Speed Effects, Effect Masks and Shape Masks on Footage, Compounds, Storylines, and Auditions

Rating: 4.92857

Cara Mudah Membuat Video Profesional Menggunakan KineMaster

Buat Video Profesional Dengan Mudah Cukup Pakai HP Kamu

Rating: 4.9

Basic to Advance Excel -Series5

Date and Time functions, OFFSET Function, Charts and Form/ActiveX controls - Basic to Super advance

Rating: 4.9

Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Three

Part Three: Explore the Titles, Generators, Effects and Transitions in Final Cut Pro

Rating: 4.9

Create "Hormozi Style" Reels & Shorts in Premiere Pro

Learn to make scroll stopping, "viral style" reels in Premiere Pro!

Rating: 4.86364

Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro from Scratch

Part One: Navigate the Interface, Import Media, Create Projects, Select & Edit Clips, Organize, and Playback Clips

Rating: 4.86364

Adobe Lightroom CC - Photo editing and organize like a Pro!

Organize, Color Correct, Filter, Sharpen, Mask, Share, create a Website, Hue, Saturation your photos/images

Rating: 4.86364

Mastering Tabular Editor 3

Tabular Editor 3 is the productivity tool every DAX, Power BI and Power Pivot developer should be using

Rating: 4.85

Videoeditoinnin perusteet DaVinci Resolve -videoeditorissa

Opi tekemään omia videoita DaVinci Resolve -ohjelmalla, tämän videoeditoinnin perusteita käsittelevän kurssin avulla.

Rating: 4.83333

CorelDRAW Essential Guide 2022 (Windows)

CorelDRAW 7 - 2022 - Complete Tutorial for Beginners to Become Professional

Rating: 4.80769

Sıfırdan Premiere Pro CC ile Müzik Klibi Yapımı ve Montajı

Pratik ve uygulamalı video yapma programı Adobe Premiere Pro video düzenleme ve video montaj programını öğrenin.

Rating: 4.8

Evde Müzik Prodüksiyonuna Giriş (Cubase)

Evinizde müziğinizi kaydedin ve onun güzel duyulmasını sağlayın.

Rating: 4.8

Writing Irresistible Picture Books

Learn how to write and publish your manuscripts for young readers.

Rating: 4.8

Adobe Premiere Pro Başlangıç ve Orta Seviye

Adobe Premiere Pro-Video Editing, Ses Kurgu, Renk, Motion Graphics, Green Screen Efekt, Efekt Kontrol, Scale, clip+

Rating: 4.77778

Personalised Diet Programme

Kick start your way to improved health & wellbeing . Generalised diets produce generalised results. Get specific!

Rating: 4.75

Creating a Cartoon Monster in Maya 2020

Learn 3D modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering in Maya and how to composite the final image in Photoshop

Rating: 4.75

VEGAS Pro - Dein Erfolg mit Videos!

Professionell wirkende Videos von Anfang an!

Rating: 4.75

Lightroom 5, Master Adobe Lightroom 5 & Be More Productive

Everything you need to know about Lightroom 5 and be more productive.

Rating: 4.75

Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Eight

Part Eight: Multicam Editing, 360° Editing, and Staying Up to Date with Final Cut Pro

Rating: 4.75

How To Quickly Edit Your Photos and Renderings in Photoshop

Enhance any image quickly and easily by learning the essential Photoshop tools and workflow, without all the clutter

Rating: 4.75

Paint a Lively Sea Turtle in Watercolor:

Learn How to Create Texture and Simplify Complex Animals

Rating: 4.75

MS Excel | Sıfırdan İleri Seviyeye Tüm Bilinmesi Gerekenler

En hızlı şekilde EXCEL 'de uzmanlaşın! Uygulamalarla Excel öğrenin ve büyük kütüphaneye sahip olun (400+ EXCEL DOSYASI)

Rating: 4.71277

Portrait Photography Masterclass - Photoshop Pro Techniques

Develop expert-level editing skills with professional Photoshop techniques

Rating: 4.7

SAP CO Product Costing-Mixed Costing Process in S4/HANA 1909

Product Costing-Mixed Costing with Split Valuation (RM/SFG/FG) Materials with Live Explanation in S4 HANA 1909

Rating: 4.7

Sketchup Tam Set Eğitim Serisi / +Pluginler +Vray +Enscape

Bu kurs sayesinde Sketchup programını Pluginler + Vray + Enscape + Projeler ile tüm detaylarıyla öğreneceksiniz!

Rating: 4.68868

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