British Army Resettlement Courses

Jeet Kune Do - Program 1

Bruce Lee`s system of Martial Arts

Rating: 5

Advanced hematology course for Nursing

hematology course

Rating: 5

Aprenda rapidamente o Inglês Britânico e divirta-se. Curso#4

Fluency in English. A course from the Oxford Institute of International British English. Number 4 of 50 courses

Rating: 5



Rating: 5


Get Instant English Grammar Mastery!

Rating: 5

English for you - Intensive course for fast learning

English language course for post-beginers and intermediate students

Rating: 5

Sleep Better: Fall asleep Faster and Improve Sleep Quality

A Science based course how to master the habits of falling asleep faster and improving the quality of your sleep

Rating: 5

Fine Dining Etiquette

British Dining Etiquette plus English Afternoon Tea

Rating: 5

Kali - Filipino Martial Arts : Program 3

All the requirements for Basic level 3

Rating: 5

Kali - Filipino Martial Arts : Program 5

All the requirements for Intermediate Level 1

Rating: 5

Kali - Filipino Martial Arts : Program 4

All the requirements for Kali Basic level 4

Rating: 5

Wizard World vs. Star Wars: Common Literary Themes

Explore literary themes found in both Star Wars and the popular British wizard books.

Rating: 5

Animate a Run Cycle

How to create a traditional animation for a character running from the side.

Rating: 5

Perfecting your English Pronunciation & Vocabulary

Master English sounds and speak English with a Standard British Accent (Received Pronunciation)

Rating: 5

Make it British - Communication & Culture [Module 3]

The course designed to help you master your listening and pronunciation skills

Rating: 5

Quality Methodologies and Standards for Projects (PMI - PMP)

Project Management Professional Certification Program (PMI-PMP)

Rating: 5

Fly the Harrier AV-8 by X-Trident in VR

Do not let anything hold you back.

Rating: 5

Using art therapy and psychology to discover YOUR passion!

Discover your passion - through the medium of art - or simply: psychology

Rating: 5

IELTS Academic, Writing Task 1. Getting a high band score.

Learn from a professional economist and the founder of a business English language school.

Rating: 5

Pushover, Plasticity and Reliability Analysis

Non-linear analysis, pushover analysis, structure reliability, international codes and standards, thermal and fatigue

Rating: 5

Foundations in the Study of Magic, Part 9: Occult Revival

Western Esotericism from 1830-1940.

Rating: 5


SOLIDWORKS: Learn to master High Performance Fighter Aircraft Design

Rating: 5

Elocution - learn British Received Pronunciation production

Work with me towards better pronunciation of English words by understanding where and how we produce commons sounds.

Rating: 4.95

The Most Common Mistakes in English

Improve your grammar, vocab, and conversational skills by avoiding the most common mistakes

Rating: 4.94118

Make it British - Communication & Culture [Module 1]

The course designed to help you master your listening and pronunciation skills

Rating: 4.9375

Mastering Questions in English

Ask Questions Like A Native Speaker!

Rating: 4.92857

Dyslexia Assessment

Understanding the Dyslexia Assessment Process & Outcomes

Rating: 4.9

Learn the English Alphabet A-Z! British English

Learn how to read, write and speak and clearly pronounce British English A-Z. For children and ESL students.

Rating: 4.9

Win with the Vienna Game Chess Opening: 1.e4 e5 2. Nc3

A surprise system after 1. e4 e5 2. Nc3 which reduces the need to learn lots of theory for the Spanish Game (Ruy Lopez)

Rating: 4.875

Business Etiquette

Essential Soft Skills for Success

Rating: 4.875

Western European Art After the Fall of Rome

Franks, Vikings, Celts, and Other Distinct Artistic Traditions

Rating: 4.85

Real Talk-Practice Listening with Real English Conversations

An upper intermediate American English listening, vocabulary and pronunciation course - Listen to real native speakers!

Rating: 4.85

3 in 1 Spoken language Course /Learn with Ghassan

Learn Spoken Arabic, English & Urdu language by fun and interactive methods, An Audiovisual Conversation & Vocabulary.

Rating: 4.85

Master English Conversation - Beginner Level

Learn English with a British Teacher

Rating: 4.84783

Make it British - Communication & Culture [Module 2]

The course designed to help you master your listening and pronunciation skills

Rating: 4.83333

Mulligan's Concept of Manual Therapy for low back pain.

The concept's spherical approach for a pain free back!

Rating: 4.83333

Succeed in IELTS Speaking & Writing (with examiner feedback)

Achieve Band 7+ with written feedback from a former IELTS Examiner for all course assignments.

Rating: 4.83333

Master English Grammar - Advanced Level

English Language skills for IELTS, CAE, and CPE. Hundreds of exercises for TV shows included. Essays checked

Rating: 4.82

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