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Microsoft AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Microsoft Certification

Microsoft AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Microsoft Certification Exams test Practice Microsoft Azure Microsoft AZ-104

Rating: 5

Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400) Exam 2022

5 Full Practice Test with Explanations included! Updated !

Rating: 5

Microsoft AZ-104 Administrator Certified Exam Practice Test

Microsoft AZ-104 Administrator Certified Exam Microsoft AZ-104 Administrator Certification Exam Practice Test 2021

Rating: 4.8

DP-900 Mock Tests

These mock tests will help you in preparation for the DP-900 exam. All the latest questions are covered in the tests.

Rating: 4.8

MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration + Practice Exam

Most up to date training for the Microsoft MS-500 exam, including a full length practice test.

Rating: 4.8

Azure DevOps - Code Versioning with TFVC

Learn the basics of Azure Devops

Rating: 4.8

Azure Bundle Prep for AZ-900 , AZ-103 and Az-104

Prepare and Learn for Azure certifications - Learn it the right way

Rating: 4.8

AZ-900 | Azure Fundamentals | Final Countdown

Exam simulation for practice AZ-900 exam and get certified

Rating: 4.8

Aviatrix ACE - Multi-Cloud Network Associate Certification

The Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Network Certification Training Lectures - Associate Level

Rating: 4.78

MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services - Practice Tests

Practice Exams - MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Exam (Updated November 2022)

Rating: 4.76471

Power BI Bootcamp: Build Real World Power BI Projects

Build Real World Microsoft Power BI Desktop Projects. In This Course Learn Business Intelligence, Data Analysis.

Rating: 4.75926

Becoming a Cloud Expert - Microsoft Azure IaaS - Level 3

Learn to design a Resilience and Scalable Cloud Solution using Traffic Load Balancers, Availability Sets and Scale Sets

Rating: 4.75

Deploy MEAN Stack App on Azure Cloud with CICD Pipeline

Step by Step deployment of MEAN Stack application on Azure Cloud with CICD Pipeline using Azure DevOps & Other Services

Rating: 4.75

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator course with SIMULATIONS

Get prepared for the AZ-104 exam with instructor led labs and hands on simulations available 24/7

Rating: 4.7381

AZ-800 Course Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Inf.

Get prepared for the AZ-800 exam with instructor led labs and hands on simulations available 24/7

Rating: 4.73023

Cloud Design Patterns

Cloud Design Patterns (Azure, AWS, GCP) for building reliable, reusable, secure applications in the Cloud

Rating: 4.72727

Learn Azure AD Connect with On-Premise Active Directory

Learn quickly how to setup Azure AD Connect with your On-Premise Active Directory Domain for a Hybrid environment!

Rating: 4.71429

AZ-900:Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Practice Exams (520Q)

Successfully pass the AZ-900 Fundamentals certification exam with this latest updated version October 28, 2022.

Rating: 4.71429

AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Azure | 5 + 1 Practice Tests

6 Realistic AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Practice Tests with 400 Questions in Total (with feedback).

Rating: 4.7

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals practice tests

Questions & answers with explanation to practice for the AZ-900 certification exam

Rating: 4.7

Master How to Install a Windows Server for a Small Business

Watch over my shoulder and learn how to install a server for a small business from start to finish.

Rating: 4.7

Excel Power Query Eğitimi

Bir eğitim alana ikincisi ücretsizdir. Yoğun veri kümeleri ile uğraşanlar için ideal olan Power Query kullanmaktır.

Rating: 4.7

Learn Commvault Deploying in AWS or Azure

Implementation of Commvault Backup Software in AWS & On premise Data ceneter

Rating: 4.7

Kubernetes for developers

Learn how to deploy, manage and scale dockerized apps in Kubernetes

Rating: 4.7

【한글자막】 Power Automate - Microsoft Power Automate 완벽 가이드

기초부터 고급까지 아우르는 단 하나뿐인 Microsoft Power Automate (Microsoft 플로우) 완벽 가이드로 다른 강의는 듣지 않으셔도 됩니다! 모든 작업을 코드 없이 자동화해보세요!

Rating: 4.7

Intune Training - Microsoft Endpoint Manager Azure | MDM MAM

Mirosoft Intune 2022 - Learn to use Intune with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Azure Intune for MDM & MAM

Rating: 4.69444

Deploy any MERN Stack App on Azure Cloud using CICD Pipeline

Step by Step deployment of any MERN Stack App on Azure Cloud with CICD Pipeline using AzureDevOps & Other Cloud Services

Rating: 4.69231

[NEW] AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator - OCT 2022

Deep-Dive for AZ-104 Exam: Microsoft Azure Administrator | Demos | 30+ hours of videos || 100% Syllabus || PPTs

Rating: 4.68613

Azure Active Directory Masterclass

Learn to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Azure Active Directory

Rating: 4.66915

Microsoft PowerApps Fundamentals

Learn how to understand Microsoft PowerApps within your Business

Rating: 4.66667

MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration Lectures & Sims

Get prepared for the MS-500 exam with instructor led labs and hands on tutorials available 24/7

Rating: 4.6652

DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Course - May 2022

DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals || 10+ hrs of videos || 100% Syllabus Covered || 200+ Ques + 2 Practice Tests

Rating: 4.65693

The Complete Cloud Computing Software Architecture Patterns

Architect Large Scale Systems using Cloud Computing, Software Architecture Patterns & Modern System Design Principles

Rating: 4.65607

AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam Prep 2022

Level up your skills in Azure security controls for identity, access, data, applications and networks. Pass AZ-500.

Rating: 4.65354

Microsoft Azure: Simulado para prova AZ900 - Atualizado 2021

Microsoft Azure - AZ900 -São 4 testes com total de 109 questões atualizadas para apoiar nos estudos para a prova em 2021

Rating: 4.65

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals 6 practice tests 2022

250+ques to build confidence | Ace AZ 900 in first attempt | Detailed explanations

Rating: 4.65

Build an Active Directory Lab in Microsoft Azure in 1 Hour

Using Microsoft Azure to Host a Traditional Active Directory Lab for Training Purposes

Rating: 4.65

Terraform on Azure

Using Terraform with Azure (Includes 100+ code files, 10+ assignments, a mini-project)

Rating: 4.65

MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams Training & Lab Simulations

Microsoft Teams Teamwork Administrator Associate certification course and MS-700 exam preparation. Simulations included!

Rating: 4.63988

DP-200 Implementing Azure Data Exam Prep In One Day

Learn Azure database, data storage and data processing, and get certified with this complete DP-200 course!

Rating: 4.63636

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