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Speed Reading for Business. Improve focus and comprehension.

It takes 4 hours to fast forward your career. Learn how to blast through your books, documents and social media.

Rating: 3.75

Speed Reading for Work and Leisure.

Speed Reading is a skill that can be learnt. Blast through books, documents and social media. Guaranteed 33% improvement

Rating: 3.75

Basic Speed Reading for IT Professionals

Develop your mind to think faster, get more focused and work smarter. I guarantee that you will read at least 33% faster

Rating: 4.15

6 Shortcuts to Powerful Persuasion

Getting more people to say Yes to your requests with Social Influence. Learn persuasive techniques to better persuade.

Rating: 4.15

"Built To Thrive" Maintaining a Fit Body In a Busy World

Create a body & life that you love. No longer allow the ups & downs of life to rob you of your health & wellbeing.

Rating: 4.7

The Science & Spirit of Energy & ORBS. Photographing Energy

Learn the scientific and spiritual meaning of energy & orbs and how to finally be able to capture them on your camera.

Rating: 4.4

Google Plus Hangouts Starter Kit

Learn everything you need to host your hangouts with confidence and ease in 90 minutes

Rating: 4.1

7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence

Learn the science of charisma. Increase your impact, influence and income using 7 science based steps.

Rating: 4.44364

Complexity Theory: An Introduction

An intuitive and clear introduction to the exciting new area of complex systems theory

Rating: 4.35

SUCCESS: 9 Steps to Elite Performance

Discover Science-Backed Tools to 3X your Success, Achieve your Goals, Eliminate Negative Habits & Master Your Psychology

Rating: 3.7

Complexity science: an introducton

The science of a complex world

Rating: 4.45

Effective Academic Writing: Write Papers that Get Results

The "what-you-need-to-know" course on effective academic writing in the social sciences.

Rating: 4.47059

Master your brain: Neuroscience for personal development

Discover how this approach can help with stress, self confidence, motivation, change, communication, relations, ...

Rating: 4.56375

iOS 8 and Swift - How to Make a "Freaking" iPhone App

Using Xcode and Swift, learn how to develop real world iOS apps for the App Store. No programming experience required!

Rating: 4.55

Introduction To Conversational Hypnosis

How to secretly embed your ideas into the minds of others and dramatically improve your persuasion and influence.

Rating: 4.8

The Science of Self-Esteem: Learn to Build up Confidence

Discover all the different methods science can teach you to become more confident in your life and your work

Rating: 4.65

Mosaic Method: Music Mind Movement Mastery

Learn how music and movement affect your brain while learning how to deal with a wide range of emotions.

Rating: 4.2

The Science of Leadership

Leadership, management techniques and communication skills based on research from neuroscience to social psychology

Rating: 4.46101

Motivation: The Science of Motivating Yourself and Your Team

Motivation Mastery for Every Team Leader and Entrepreneur - The Critical Leadership Skill

Rating: 4.58915

Neuroscience for parents: How to raise amazing kids

Parenting to help your children develop a healthy brain, self esteem and trust. nurture their talents and bond with them

Rating: 4.73264

Economics, Ethics and Justice - Amartya Sen

Understanding Economics. Learn how ethical values can combine with laws of markets.

Rating: 4.35

Power of the Mind in Health and Healing

A science-based course about using the power of your mind to heal your body and maximize your intuition.

Rating: 4.48649

Digital Marketing Success: Proven Science and Design

Apply Lessons from Top Brands to Grow Your Business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Digital Advertising.

Rating: 3.8

Mindfulness Meditation - The COMPLETE Meditation Course!

Learn the top emotional regulation strategy that psychologists are ACTUALLY USING to help their clients worldwide.

Rating: 4.2

Network Theory: Introduction

Learn the Language of Networks

Rating: 4.1

Complex Adaptive Systems

An introduction to the new science of complex adaptive systems

Rating: 3.95

Learn Social Psychology

Understand How People Think, Feel, and Behave in this Complete Introduction to Social Psychology

Rating: 4.45263

Psychology of Attraction and Likability

Use Psychology for Personal Development and Self-Improvement by Increasing Social Skills and Achieving Goal Success

Rating: 4.7

Increase Your Influence: Decode Human Personality

Understand, Impact, and Persuade Others Based on a the Time Tested Enneagram Personality Type System

Rating: 4.2

Understand the Mind: 15 Fascinating Psychology Studies

Learn About the Human Mind Through the Research in Social Psychological Science

Rating: 4.55405

Smart Marketing with Price Psychology

Improve online marketing success with behavioral science research on pricing for your business and marketing

Rating: 4.70739

Security Awareness Training

A basic guide to staying safe online and to introduce new knowledge to people about internet security and privacy.

Rating: 4.57694

Branding You™: How to Build Your Multimedia Internet Empire

Learn to build & expand a business across 5+ key platforms (Kindle, Podcast, Udemy, Email & more)

Rating: 4.3

7 Key Steps to Blogging Mastery

Learn the tactics that I used to attract over 5 million visitors a year to my blog and become a global authority.

Rating: 3.7

iPhone App Programming for Noobs - UPDATED iOS 9 Swift 2

The exciting class that takes you on an adventure to learn how to make iOS 9 iPhone apps, using Swift 2 and Xcode 7.

Rating: 3.75

Superparent 101: Mastering the Morning Routine

Manage the Before-Work-Chaos in Your Home Using Brain Science Techniques

Rating: 4.875

Qigong for Anxiety and Depression

Effective qigong for alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms and gain knowledge of the signs and symptoms.

Rating: 4.1

Professional Social Work in the United States

An introduction to social work including salary projections, education requirements, and organizations of interest.

Rating: 4.5

Data Science Career Guide - Career Development in Analytics

Learn how to plan and improve your data science and machine learning based career

Rating: 3.6

10X SUPERHUMAN Habits - Build Strong Habits In Just 30 Days

Discover A Simple Strategy To Help You Stick With Good Habits Every Day. Increase Your Productivity And Happiness Today!

Rating: 4.79104

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