Subcategory Humanities

Adventures in Classical Music—Music Appreciation for All!

Understand and enjoy classical music at your own pace. A music history course, including a music theory introduction.

Rating: 4.78846

Boost English Reading Comprehension & ESL Listening Skills

Improve your English reading skills & listening skills with this fun interactive quiz-based course & knowledge builder.

Rating: 4.5

Building Games with Scratch 2.0

Develop fun and engaging games using Scratch 2.0

Rating: 4.3

Colourful Maths! Calculus for beginners

Taught by a Mathematician and professional entertainer and full of colourful animations

Rating: 5

Acumen Presents: Krista Tippett on the Art of Conversation

Become wiser by learning to hold transformative conversations, ask generous questions and listen with presence

Rating: 4.35

Mastering Study: Revision Methods, Exam Technique, and more.

5 professional e-books on organising your time, writing the perfect essay and mastering your exam and revision technique

Rating: 3.95

Acumen Presents: Mihir Desai on Demystifying Finance

Harvard Business Professor & author of "The Wisdom of Finance" teaches basic financial concepts through stories

Rating: 3.5

Spanish 4 - Advanced Spanish Course

Learn simple and compound verbs in Spanish in different tenses, impersonal verbs, and the passive voice.

Rating: 4.6

Write Brightly

Enliven your academic writing

Rating: 4.6

Ace the ACT Reading Comprehension Exam

Get into the college you want. Prepare in a way that let's you approach the exam in a personalized, efficient manner.

Rating: 4.1

Stress-Free Statistics for College and IBDP/AP Students

A Stress-Free Way to Learn Statistics

Rating: 3.9

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development

Environmental Issues

Rating: 4.41667

Marxism: English Literature

Marxist Literary Criticism

Rating: 4.66667

Humanities: Academic Writing and Publishing

How to Research, Write, and Publish Academic Papers

Rating: 4.5

Essay Writing for Undergraduates CC- Academic Writing

Undergraduates discover how to excel at essay writing by learning how to research, structure and create great content.

Rating: 4.5

GIS in health and epidemiology: Theory and Practice

GIS in health and epidemiology

Rating: 4.4

Stress-Free Statistics: IBDP/AP and College Students Part 1

The Purpose of Statistics, Writing Research Questions, Identifying Types of Variables, and Descriptive Statistics

Rating: 4.75

Stress-Free Statistics: IBDP/AP and College Students Part 3

Stress-Free Ways to Learn about Regression, Prediction, Probability, Sampling, and Interval Estimation

Rating: 5

Stress-Free Statistics: IBDP/AP and College Students Part 4

A Stress-Free Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

Rating: 5

Writing a Research Paper in Law and Humanities

A definitive guide on conceiving, planning, and executing your research project (tailor-made for Indian students)!

Rating: 4.28571

Best Life Skills to Learn and how to take charge of Life

The Skills everyone must learn to be happy and to lead a fulfilled Life:Personality development course

Rating: 4.45

G2A Academy: Video games in education

How to use gaming to teach teenagers

Rating: 4.85

Understanding Financial Statements: Stocks & Shares Analysis

Fundamental Analysis of Stocks and Shares for Long term investment. A Conceptual course for people across the Globe.

Rating: 4.51786

HowExpert Guide to Study Skills

101 Tips to Learn How to Study Effectively, Improve Your Grades, and Become a Better Student

Rating: 0

Introduction to Logic

What is Logic?

Rating: 4.375


Learn to solve Mentally,Boost your speed calculations,Useful for School & Competitive Exams(Beginners to Intermediate)

Rating: 4.75

Heart Centered Reiki/The Art & Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Discover 21 symptoms of ascension. Navigate through spiritual shifts. Break free of limitation. Claim Abundance Now!

Rating: 4.85


Tales of Heroism and Enchantment

Rating: 4

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Getting started in Tech

How to start a career in tech for beginners

Rating: 3

The Evolution of International Criminal Law

History and Fundamental Doctrine

Rating: 4.85714

Science and the Catholic Church

Dealing with a complex relationship

Rating: 5

Write an Essay in a Day

Write academic essays fast and effectively.

Rating: 4.25

Research Methods For Engineering Students

Learn the Creation of Real Engineering Models and the Management of Engineering Research

Rating: 4.5

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