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EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced

Go beyond the Basics with advanced digital photography course. Learn Creative Scenarios, Image Editing and HD Videos.

Rating: 4.5

Beginners Guide to Studio Portrait Photography

Start your own studio portrait business and learn learn how to light people in a complimentary way.

Rating: 4.85

The Art of Black and White Photography

Learn how to create dramatic and compelling black and white images using a range of powerful Photoshop techniques.

Rating: 4.5

Portrait Photography with Simple Gear

Online Photography course - Using simple lighting gear to get much better portraits... from mild to wild.

Rating: 4.7

Photography Projects For A Rainy Weekend

Easy indoor photography ideas you can do around the house, from self portraits to food to use of flowers and water.

Rating: 3.05

What The Flash | The Evolution of Light

Creating the light you want with off-camera flash photography. Learn the art of using off camera flash.

Rating: 4.5

Learn Photoshop: Create Gorgeous Art in 2 Days

Learn Adobe Photoshop while creating gorgeous artwork. Gain a creative and marketable skill. For beginners in Photoshop.

Rating: 4.6

Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies Video Training

Easy-to-follow video training on getting better photos with a digital SLR camera!

Rating: 4.2

Learn how to create an Embird Sfumato Portrait Design

Digitize an embroidery design in Sfumato stitch with Embird. Embird Sfumato Tutorials, David Kruiper Portrait Study

Rating: 4.3

Photography for Kids: Project-Based Beginner Photography

12 weeks of adventure projects make this the perfect course for kids and beginners to learn how to use a camera properly

Rating: 4.06667

Portrait & Beauty Retouching with Adobe Photoshop

Get up and running using Adobe Photoshop to edit you portrait photos using basic and intermediate retouching tools.

Rating: 4.83333

Learn Digital Photography, Canon , Nikon, Sony, Best Seller

This Photography course has everything you need to start to learn to shoot quality professional photos in no time at all

Rating: 3.85

Shading Masters: The Ultimate Drawing Course for Artists

Learn the simplest methods for achieving mind-blowing realistic drawings fast using a simple 4 step process!

Rating: 4.1

A Crash Course In Wedding Photography

Learn The Art of Wedding Photography

Rating: 3.75

Adobe Photoshop CC For Photographers

An essential Photoshop course for all photographers. Learn how to edit and manipulate your images with Photoshop CC

Rating: 4.55

Learn Your Canon Flash System

Take the confusion out of Canon flash photography with this 4 week video course. In 4 weeks, learn your flash system!

Rating: 4.05

3D Character Creation: Sculpting in Zbrush

Learn How to Sculpt Model a Detailed Full Body Character Today in Zbrush

Rating: 4.6

3D Character Creation: Retopologizing For Animation - Zbrush

Turn your high res sculpt into a game-ready character using ZBrush (Available for both Streaming & Download)

Rating: 4.3

Newborn Baby Photography Class

Learn how to photograph a newborn baby. Learn how to create simple and safe poses. Work with wraps + photo sets.

Rating: 3.85

Digitally Painting Vintage Pinup Portraits from a Photograph

Learn to create classic style Pin-up art using Photoshop and step above the competition by offering something unique

Rating: 4.95

Beginning Family Portrait Photography: Shoot Like a Pro

Go from boring snapshots to amazing family portraits. Your kids will LOVE to pose for you when they see your photos.

Rating: 4.45

How to be a Professional Outdoor and Nature Photographer

Learn how to turn your passion for nature and adventure photography into a thriving business

Rating: 4.3

The Art of Film Photography & Basic Photography Skills

A Beginners Guide and introduction to the art of traditional photography. Learn the basics alongside traditional skills.

Rating: 4.35

Adobe Photoshop Portrait Retouching - Skater Guy

This Adobe Photoshop Portrait Retouching Course will teach a Beginner Photoshop user how to Master Portrait Retouching

Rating: 4.45

10 Photoshop Retouching Courses In - 1 Course

The Holy Grail - Become An Expert In Photoshop Retouching With No Experience Or Prior Knowledge "Upgrade Your Skills"

Rating: 4.2

Funky Portrait Photography & Creative Photoshop Retouching

This Portrait Photography course will teach a Photographer the essentials of Portrait Photography & Photoshop Retouching

Rating: 4.6

Portrait Photography: Share with Joy!

Master lighting, camera, editing, and posing in my proven photography system. Shoot with confidence.

Rating: 4.5

Outdoor & On-Location Portraits After The Wedding

Photographing The Bride & Groom & Wedding Party

Rating: 3.45

Selling your portraits via In-Person-Preview Appointments

Step by step, how to lead your clients through a collection of portraits and close the sale in about an hour. IPS videos

Rating: 4.65

Photography - The Ultimate Guide to Using Off-Camera Flash

Follow me on 19 photo sessions & learn to create beautiful light using small flashes & take stunning dramatic portraits.

Rating: 4.60345

Photoshop Tutorials: Turn Family Photos Into Art

Easy Photoshop tutorials: Learn how to use Photoshop by turning family photos into Photoshop art your family will love.

Rating: 4.85

Portrait - & Beauty-Retrusche von Amateur zum Profi | TEIL 1

Teil 1 des Trainings ist am besten für die Photoshop-Anfänger geeignet

Rating: 4

Use Photoshop to Produce Professional Quality Family Photos

Retouching Secrets of Family Photography - Create Images You will want to Frame!

Rating: 3.9

Master Adobe Lightroom Classic v12 & Lightroom CC v6 | 2023

REVIEW: "Every single tool inside Lightroom is perfectly explained. I definitely recommend this course.”

Rating: 4.35833

Paint Your First Photo using Corel Painter

Learn to turn any photograph into a visually stunning digital painting

Rating: 4.15

Paint Your First Digital Landscape using Corel Painter

Make beautiful landscape art right from your computer

Rating: 4.35

Photography - Classic Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography - classic studio lighting photography styles

Rating: 4.35

Portraiture with Two Speedlights

A guide to harnessing the power of simple lighting tools in portrait photography.

Rating: 4.55

Adobe Photoshop Beauty Retouching for Beginners

Quick, simple and effective techniques of editing portraits in Photoshop: do your best and achieve incredible results!

Rating: 4.35

Photoshop CC 2021: Learn Photoshop Actions (+ 142 actions)

Learn Photoshop Actions & Photography. See how to edit, retouch, color correct. Beginners To Advanced. For CS5, CS6, CC

Rating: 3.8

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