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Everyday Mind Mastery

Learn the easiest way to master your mind and control your life with Ben Franklin's 13x4 and some neat algorithms.

Rating: 3.9

Simple Living Hacks - Declutter, Organise & Get More Done

Learn how to Simplify & Declutter your Life. Increase Productivity and Focus on your Life Purpose

Rating: 4.15

Getting Ready for Baby: Preparing for Life as a Happy Mom

Pregnant or adopting? Mindfully prepare for a baby and fun family life through self-discovery and embracing motherhood.

Rating: 3.45

Parenting Skills to Raise Responsible, Mature Children

Positive Parenting Course--Learn Parenting Skills and Strategies to Create a Loving and Nurturing Home.

Rating: 4.76437

Divorce/Parenting Aid Class

Divorce/Parenting Aid Class

Rating: 4.5

Improve Your Parenting Skills

Strengthen your relationship with your child, while creating the family dynamic you desire

Rating: 4.5

Be More Successful in Your Relationships - at Work and Home!

Take the confusion out of human relationships! Learn a simple model, professionally explained and ready to use.

Rating: 4.05

Professional Crystal Children Practitioner Course

Learn about understanding, living and working with the Crystal Children of the New Golden Age of Aquarius

Rating: 4.85

Positive Parenting - Dealing with Power Struggles

"No I Won't and You Can't Make Me!"

Rating: 4.2

Gamification & Behavioral Design: The Octalysis Framework

Learn the 8 Core Drives that motivate us all (beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards)

Rating: 4.65926

How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

A Holistic & Optimal Health Approach for Knowing What to Feed Children, Why and How

Rating: 4.85

The Peaceful Parent

Create peace in your home with your kids.

Rating: 4.4

Coparenting - The Theory And The Practice

Understanding why coparenting can work for you and your kids after divorce or separation and how to set it up.

Rating: 4.7

Fatherless Women & Motherless Men: Impact On Your Love Life

The Impact on Adult Love Relationships. Coming to Emotional Health & Maturity Despite Difficult Beginnings in Childhood

Rating: 5

The Parenting Breakthrough Experience

Be the change you want to see in your kids.

Rating: 4.5

Increasing Happiness - Defeating Depression

You will be able to apply the research, principles and skills to overcome depression and increase happiness

Rating: 4.3

Teaching Kids Values & Moral Judgement

Gaining independent moral judgment helps safeguard your child & increases their chances to be safe, happy and successful

Rating: 4.6

Recovery Program For Rebellious Teens

Highly Structured Program That Follows Teen Miracle 1 & 2

Rating: 3.94444

Hello Stress-free parenting: a Lifestyle shift for parents

An Extensive Guide to Stress Free Parenting for Parents who Want to Radically Transform their Parent-Child Relationships

Rating: 4.65

Parenting Teens in the Sexualized Age

Keeping Your Teen Strong & Safe

Rating: 4.625

Advanced Parenting Skills - BEST Parenting Course Ever!

Positive Parenting: Parenting Skills & Secrets They NEVER Taught You In School Or Life! (Tips, Tools & Skills)

Rating: 4.2

How to Live the Power of Vulnerability

Living, loving and leading successfully through connection, authenticity and courage

Rating: 4.16667

The Tantrum Toolkit : Positive Parenting

3 Simple Steps to Taming Temper Tantrums

Rating: 4.6

Help Me I’m a Parent! Urgent I need help NOW with parenting

10 Effective methods to change the most common behavioral issues of children & teens to become an Optimal Parent

Rating: 4

How to Build Powerful Shame Resilience and Cultures of Honor

Breaking out of the devastating impact of Shame to no longer rob you of who you are - An Intermediate Guide

Rating: 4.5

Parenting with EFT Tapping Practitioner Cert (ACCREDITED)

Discover how to use EFT Tapping for Parenting and uncover the power of using EFT with both Children and their Parents

Rating: 4.55

Trauma Treatment for Children

Calming the Dragon, Using the Body to Improve Care

Rating: 4.34091

Life Coaching a Parenting Makeover

Change Your Approach to Parenting.

Rating: 3.75

Parenting Teenagers & Child Psychology for Defiant Teens

How to raise a defiant teenager in harmony | Parenting skills & understanding child psychology | Parenting Teens Course

Rating: 3.9

The Complete Personal Development Course - 22 Courses in 1

The Most Comprehensive Masterclass in Personal Development - Start Growing Today!

Rating: 4.56164

Get prepared for motherhood like no one else

Discover The Secrets About Life As A New Mum Most Parents Find Out TOO LATE

Rating: 5

Story Power: Help Children Grow and Thrive in Today's World

Use Storytelling to Foster Resilience, Creativity and Leadership in Children to Help Them Face Everyday Challenges

Rating: 4.1

Autism Aspergers Behavior Transformation Secrets For Parents

Get cooperation from your asperger - autistic child and reduce/eliminate meltdowns, defiance & other difficult behaviors

Rating: 4.4

Parenting For Robust Emotional and Mental Health

How to Raise Happy, Responsible and Resilient Children

Rating: 4.25

Neuroscience for Parents: Happy parents, happier kids

Parenting 2.0. Healing your past wounds, managing stressful situations as parents, parenting with calm, love, acceptance

Rating: 4.4

Online Course Creation for Life Coaches & Practitioners

Life Coaches / Practitioners / Therapists - add extra streams of income & client attraction with online course creation

Rating: 4.75

Child Psychology and Development: From Baby to Teen

Learn everything you need to know about children's psychology & development. Improve your parenting & teaching skills.

Rating: 4.35

Child Psychology & Development

Learn about the Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional, and Cognitive development & Psychology of a Child.

Rating: 4.15

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Successful Achievers

Be a Winner - Learn how to use NLP - Be a NLP Master Practitioner

Rating: 3.9

Optimal Parenting The Complete "Help me I'm a Parent" Series

Everything you want & need to know about parenting and childhood understanding Succeed from infant to College graduation

Rating: 4.5

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