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PLC Programming Basics to Advanced Siemens S7-1200

The ultimate PLC training experience to learn PLC automation.

Rating: 3.95

EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced

Go beyond the Basics with advanced digital photography course. Learn Creative Scenarios, Image Editing and HD Videos.

Rating: 4.5

How to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

Learn simple techniques with your digital SLR camera to create amazing and memorable photos of your kids.

Rating: 3.85

Breakthrough to Exam Excellence

Hot Exam Tips That Can Take Your Results to a Whole New Level !

Rating: 3.95

Speed Reading for Business. Improve focus and comprehension.

It takes 4 hours to fast forward your career. Learn how to blast through your books, documents and social media.

Rating: 3.75

Learning to Learn

Improve your studies, improve your career, improve your life. Let me show you the secrets of effective learning today!

Rating: 4.05

Speed Reading for Work and Leisure.

Speed Reading is a skill that can be learnt. Blast through books, documents and social media. Guaranteed 33% improvement

Rating: 3.75

iOS 7 & Mac OS X Programming Tutorial - Objective C & Xcode

A Beginners Tutorial That Teaches Programming For Both IOS Devices And The Mac OS X Operating System.

Rating: 3.7

Kick start your memoir - writing exercises

Building your confidence and igniting your memory enabling you to start writing a memoir with these writing exercises

Rating: 4.65

How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language

Using the Magnetic Memory Method

Rating: 4.2

Oracle Database Administration for Absolute Beginners

Learn to become an Oracle Database Administrator in a month. It is one of the stable and 'high in demand' IT jobs.

Rating: 4.2

The Conversational Spanish Rapid-Learning Method

Speak Spanish from Day 1 with Conversational Spanish for Beginners. It’s natural, intuitive and easy.

Rating: 4.67391

Mind Mapping Mastery –> Effective Mind Maps -> Step by Step

Mind Mapping - SMART Productivity and Memory Tool: Think Clearly, Organise, & Plan better; Study, Learn, & Recall Faster

Rating: 4.33544

Overcome The 5 Roadblocks To Learning In Schools

The course every University/College student needs to survive and thrive! Learn the secrets of effective learning today.

Rating: 4.6

PowerCharge Your Memory

Learn EASY techniques to improve your memory and increase your brain power by at least 300%!

Rating: 4.4

Easy Advanced Math Skills

Learn easy maths formula's and techniques to unlock your genius and make maths fun!

Rating: 4.25

How to Discover Your Magic and Improve Your Life

The 7 magical steps to success! Use this powerful acronym and change your life forever!

Rating: 4.38889

Do It Better — Brain Training ++

Train your brain to improve your memory and to develop a calm, focused, mind.

Rating: 3.95

Tech-Tutor: Mastering Conversion of Number Systems

Get Into the College of Your Choice -- Learn Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Conversion in 1 Day or Less

Rating: 4.6

Learn like a Superhero, with Accelerated learning.

Accelerated Learning, Creative Thinking and NLP. Helping you to achieve your Superhuman potential.

Rating: 4.7

VB.NET with VS 2017 and Windows Forms

With Early OOP, Connections to C# and the .NET Framework Source Code

Rating: 4.52703

SMART LEARNING -All About your Brain & Learning How to Learn

Find learning success with Learner strategies and Memory Secrets; + Mind Mapping, MindMaps, Neuroscience

Rating: 4.25

Home Wine Making for Complete Beginners

How to Brew Wine At Home from Scratch - This course is tailored for the complete beginner.

Rating: 2.57143

The mastery of embodied self-confidence

Succeed on exams, interviews and any challenging situation

Rating: 4.05556

Learning C++ Memory Management

Aimed at intermediate programmers this course shows you how to use Memory Management when coding in C++

Rating: 3.55

C Programming For Beginners

Learn C in ten easy steps on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux

Rating: 4.3642

How to Trade Stock Options: Profiting in Up and Down Markets

How I grew my trading account by 30% in one year. Follow this proven options blueprint for an accelerated path to wealth

Rating: 4.4

Music Composition 1

Learn how to compose well-written rhythms and melodies

Rating: 4.67857

Complete High Speed Vedic Math Course

Learn the World's Fastest Mental Math System.

Rating: 4.64362

The Ultimate Mind Map Course for Education

You'll learn the benefits of Mind Mapping, how to apply Mind Maps in school, your career and as a life long learner.

Rating: 3.2

Projects in Android

Learn Android Development building 10 Projects

Rating: 1.65

Triple Your Memory and Reading Speed in One Hour

The Best Ways to Remember Everything Including Names, Where You Put Things, What You Read, and prevent Alzheimer's.

Rating: 3.95

Advanced PowerPoint Training

PowerPoint Training That Actually Works. NEW and UPDATED for Microsoft 365 (PowerPoint 2019).

Rating: 4.54808

Acupressure Academy - Be Healthy With Massage Points, Part 3

Relieve ebola, depression, asthma, improve memory, yoga, potency etc on your own with the most suited acupressure points

Rating: 4.91667

CompTIA A+ 220-801 - Prepare For The CompTIA A+ 220-801 Exam

Learn every thing you need to study for an pass the CompTIA A+ 220-801 Exam. A definitive course from Infinite Skills

Rating: 4.75

Music Theory

An in-depth and straight forward approach to understanding music.

Rating: 4.70968

Remote Viewing Basics- Turn Intuition into Super Psychic

A Beginner's course for anyone who has not learned Remote Viewing.

Rating: 4.66176

Those Who Can, Teach Their Children

What Good Teachers Do & How They Do It

Rating: 4.25

Projects in HTML5

Learn HTML5 and JavaScript by Building 10 Projects

Rating: 3.85

Boost English Reading Comprehension & ESL Listening Skills

Improve your English reading skills & listening skills with this fun interactive quiz-based course & knowledge builder.

Rating: 4.5

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