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Learn Deep House Production with Logic Pro

Learn to produce Deep House music from grammy nominated producer Davidson Ospina

Rating: 3.7

Elite Singing Techniques - Phase I

Step by step singing system proven to develop great technique and vocal mastery, Results are immediate!

Rating: 4.73077

Record & Mix Music like a Pro - Acoustic Guitars and Vocals!

Recording & Mixing Music: Start learning the BEST techniques in the industry used on multiple platinum selling records!

Rating: 4.65

Vocal Recording: A Complete Production Guide

Go beyond simple tips and dig into the start-to-finish process of creating, recording & mixing hit sounding vocals!

Rating: 3.75

Train the Trainer Foundation: Adult Education Mastery Course

Deploy a repeatable system for employee learning to ensure you reach every learner…every time.

Rating: 4.68627

Train the Trainer Pro: No Beginners Allowed!

Leverage elite training techniques that set you apart and that every trainee wants to take again and again.

Rating: 4.46809

Vocal Warmups for Great Technique

Singing lessons for beginners and professionals. Vocal training from an experienced voice teacher.

Rating: 4.95

Mixing Music - Learn how to mix a Pop Rock Song like a Pro!

Mixing Music: Improve your mixes & learn the BEST techniques in the industry used on multiple platinum selling records!

Rating: 4.3

Be a Voice Actor: Making a Living with Your Voice

Learn the tools and techniques to get started in the world of voiceovers

Rating: 4.41379

Business Presentation Skills - Excellence Made Easy

Become a confident presenter. Learn how to give clear, confident & effective business presentations every time.

Rating: 4.54354

Speak with Impact : Voice Skills For Teachers

A comprehensive course to help you understand, protect and enrich your teaching voice

Rating: 3.9

Acoustic Songwriting. Guitar lessons to create your songs.

Guitar and singing lessons for songwriting. Write your first three songs. Guitar, vocals, songwriting, confidence.

Rating: 3.75

Vocal Vibrations from the Heart

Learn an Instinctive and Technological Approach to Singing.

Rating: 4.6

Audio Engineering: All About EQ

learn all you need to efficiently use EQ in recording and mixing

Rating: 4.15

Voice Training: You Can Speak With Confidence

You can speak with confidence and authority. Your voice does not have to undercut your message. Get Voice Training Now

Rating: 4

Public Speaking for Business and Education

Learn how to deliver clear and consistent messages when speaking in public.

Rating: 3.85

Loud And Clear: Make Better Voice Recordings Now

Singer, Podcaster, Rapper, Online Teacher... ? Learn to improve the quality of your vocal recordings with a few tricks!

Rating: 4.45

Play By Ear #2: Learn to Play By Ear Easily in 12 Keys Fast

Play by Ear - In 1 day use my 7-tone Method to play melodies in 12 keys & transpose a song to play any key on the spot

Rating: 4.3

Learn Compression & Dynamics Processing: The Complete Guide!

Learn everything you need to know about compression, which can take an OK recording/mix & make it a great recording/mix.

Rating: 4.83929

Play By Ear #4: Play Song By Ear with 3 Chords Using Any Key

Play Songs by Ear in the Singing Key Range (C, D, F, G, Bb, Db), so that people sing along in parties. Learn 12 Keys.

Rating: 4.45

Hard Surface Modeling and Sculpting Course in 3D Coat

An introduction tutorial to robot modelling and sculpting using hard surface techniques for 3D look development.

Rating: 4.35

Learn How to Remix Any Song You Want and Get Noticed

Have your music take you somewhere! All the step you need to create a remix in Ableton Live from any song you want.

Rating: 3.35

Phase 2 - Becoming A Natural Singer

Advanced vocal training for experienced singers who are ready to take their skills to the next level.

Rating: 4.85

Vocal Production for Singers and Logic X users

An introduction to music production aimed to help both singers and engineers/producers

Rating: 3.55

How To Sing #1: Complete Vocal Warm ups & Voice Physiology

Singing Lessons for Vocal Warm Up Tips & Voice Essentials

Rating: 4.67568

Singing for Busy People

Learn to sing while commuting to work (or performing other tedious tasks)

Rating: 4.55

Music Production for Beginners

Got a computer and a love for music? Make your songs sound professional with this easy course!

Rating: 4.25

Ultimate Ableton Live 9: Part 3 - Producing & Editing

Learning Ableton Live the right way: From the basics to the advanced, from Ableton Certified Trainer J. Anthony Allen.

Rating: 4.85

How To Rap Like A Pro - 8 Steps To Rapping Like The Pros

Learn how to rap like a pro by legally "Hijacking" the skills of your favorite rappers and making them your own

Rating: 4.3

Voice Warm-Up for Actors & Voice-Over Artists

No other course like it. It's your COMPLETE voice warm up program! Very practical & hands on. Everything you need & more

Rating: 4.8

Russian Program For Fluency: Learn Russian With 3-in-1 Sets

Learn how to speak Russian fluently using the highly efficient 3-step Russian language learning system

Rating: 4.5

The Anointing & Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Minister in Power

Ministry Training Institute. Bible Training on the Anointing and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Rating: 4.65

Play Modern Blues Now

Take your playing to the next level using proven effective methods simplified so you can play amazing modern blues ASAP.

Rating: 4.71429

Learn Spanish with Easy Songs

Master common Spanish phrases and pronunciation by learning through familiar songs and exercises.

Rating: 5

Public Speaking Training For Beginners

Learn the basic fundamentals of public speaking and begin to speak with confidence like a professional speaker.

Rating: 4.25

Course Design - How to Create Impressive Text Animations

Concise & Easy to Use Techniques to Help You Create Your Text Animations using Adobe After Effects - Kinetic Typography

Rating: 4.45

YOUR SPEAKING VOICE: Hidden Keys to Influence & Confidence

Voice Training to Be a More Confident and Influential Speaker

Rating: 4.4

Podcast Covert Hypnosis Masterclass

How To Use Hypnosis To Explode Your Podcast Audience, Boost Your Downloads And Ramp Sales Through Better Podcasting!

Rating: 4.35

The Perfect Email: Learn Effective Email Etiquette Writing

An online course to Understanding email etiquette and Learn how to write structured emails with a style professionally

Rating: 4.2

Progressive House Music Production with Logic Pro

A step by step guide to producing Progressive House Music in Logic Pro

Rating: 4.55

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