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Create an energetic House Track with Logic Pro

Learn how to use Logic Pro to create, mix and master your own house track with this Logic Pro tutorial.

Rating: 3.7

Finally Lose Weight without A Gym Membership

No time for the gym? Learn how to get lean at home.

Rating: 4.25

Adventures in Classical Music—Music Appreciation for All!

Understand and enjoy classical music at your own pace. A music history course, including a music theory introduction.

Rating: 4.78846

Blues Guitar and Advanced Guitar Lessons

Blues Guitar Lessons Rhythm and Lead Course: Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar

Rating: 4.4

Learn SQL Reporting Services Beginning Report Training

Beginner's Report Authoring. Create Lists, Reports, Charts, Bubble Maps, Invoices and more. No prior knowledge needed.

Rating: 4.25

How to Start a Podcast - Podcasting Made Easy

Make Your Podcast Today. Learn Podcasting Tips for Launching a Successful Online Show

Rating: 4.34615

"Video Marketing Strategies That Never Fail"

Many people use online video to successfully promote their businesses. But many fail too. Why? This course explains all.

Rating: 4.66667

Prenatal Yoga: Strengthening and Opening

Finding the balance of effort and softening.

Rating: 4.85

How to produce a Retro Techno House Record in Ableton Music

This is a step by step video screencast tutorial that will teach you how to create an old skool Techno House record.

Rating: 4.3

Didgeridoo - from zero to HERO! Part Three. Advanced level.

Learn how to play the Didgeridoo with professional teacher and player Jonny Cope.

Rating: 4.15

Learn Classical Guitar Technique and play "Spanish Romance"

Transform your guitar playing by using good technique and apply your skills by play 3 great classical guitar pieces

Rating: 4.85

Meditation for Entrepreneurs

Startup Meditation - Helping entrepreneurs focus, become more balanced, and live happier lives - one breath at a time.

Rating: 4.45

Blues Guitar Lessons - Ragtime Blues Guitar

Blues Guitar lessons in the ragtime blues (Piedmont) style is perhaps the most exciting guitar technique to learn.

Rating: 4.05

Become an instant magician with the best Simple Magic Tricks

Magicians most guarded secrets are tricks which are EASY to master & get BIG reactions. Become an instant magician now!

Rating: 4.25

Effortless Music Promotion

The art and science of growing your fan base on autopilot.

Rating: 3.83333

Create your first electronic music track with Pro Tools

I will teach you everything you need to know about Pro Tools and it starts with this course. You are in the right place!

Rating: 4.25

Programming for Complete Beginners in C#

Learning to code C#? We have provided HD video lectures, live coding sessions, and nearly 100 exercises to learn on!

Rating: 4.425

Easy Piano Basics™

Learn piano playing essentials using the popular PianoWithWillie method...even if you've never played the piano before!

Rating: 4.35

Learn Jazz Piano Today

Rich piano chords, bass line and improvisation using a 12-bar blues. Take your piano playing to the next level.

Rating: 4.05

How To Make a Book Trailer

Create a book trailer using Windows Live Movie Maker and royalty free pictures, music and video clips.

Rating: 4.2

Dance Floor Confidence | How to Dance at a Club - for Men

Find out how to become comfortable on the dance floor, have fun and not look silly! For men only!

Rating: 4.95

Sharing opinions about TV programs and movies in English

Allows you to express yourself about movies and TV programs easily, so you can discuss what you viewed.

Rating: 0

Learn to Play Saxophone: Beginner to Pro in Under Four Hours

Master the art of Saxophone! Cover a year's worth of private lessons in just a few hours, for a fraction of the cost.

Rating: 4.47826

Produce a 90's UK Deep/Funky House Track in Ableton Music

Create a classic house track from scratch in 2 hours with only Ableton and a samples pack,

Rating: 4.2

The Complete iOS Game Course - Build a Flappy Bird Clone

Over 350+ videos taking you step-by-step through process of building 8+ different applications using Sprite Kit

Rating: 4.45

Learn to Play the Trumpet: Beginner to Pro Made the Easy Way

Master the art of Trumpet! Cover a year's worth of private lessons in just a few hours and at a fraction of the cost.

Rating: 4.48276

Electronic Dance Music Production: How To Do Mashups & Edits

Learn Step by Step how to do perfect Mashups/Edits. Best way for an introduction to Music Production techniques.

Rating: 3.85714

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons : Blues Chords : Fingerpicking

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons: Fingerpicking - Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Chords : Fingerpicking Acoustic Guitar Patterns

Rating: 4.25

How to Create Udemy Courses with an iPad - Unofficial

The iPad and its cheap,powerful & easy-to-learn apps make professional HD trainings you can learn to do in a weekend

Rating: 4.35714

Music Theory with the Ableton Push

Applying the concepts of music theory with the Ableton Push as our instrument.

Rating: 4.6

Past Life Regression: The Power Of Your Past

A journey to uncover and discover who you you can learn more about who you are! Experience your past lives!

Rating: 4.1

Pianoforall - Incredible New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard

Learn Piano in WEEKS not years. Play-By-Ear & learn to Read Music. Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ballads, Improvisation, Classical

Rating: 4.72892

Hear It, Sing It, PLAY IT! The Secret To Learning Jazz Piano

Play what you hear, not what you luck into. Understand how to improvise for real, not by rote.

Rating: 3.3

Independent Musician Music Marketing - Part Music Business

Music industry & music business success with music marketing & music promotion: YouTube, branding, ads, TikTok

Rating: 4.25

Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management

Create a single successful event or event-series with effective event promotion, planning, management, and monetization

Rating: 4.43023

The iPad Quick Start Guide: First steps with a new iPad

How to setup and start using your new iPad Air or Retina iPad Mini

Rating: 4.0625

RECORD LABEL : How to Start a Music Record Label in 30 days

Insider Secrets of Starting your Own Music Record Label Without Making Costly Mistakes. Start your Record Label today

Rating: 4.2

Learn Guitar to Worship: Learn 4 Songs and unlock a 1,000!

Learn the basics so that you can worship Jesus using 4 songs, in 4 weeks, that will unlock a 1,000 Christian songs!

Rating: 4.5

15 Minutes x 15 Days Yoga Strength Challenge

Increase strength and stability in your upper body, core and lower body in 15-minute daily yoga sessions.

Rating: 4.66667

Create Binaural Beats on Your PC for Meditation & Hypnosis

Learn how to make your own binaural beat (brainwave entrainment technology) schedule easily.

Rating: 3.5

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