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Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 for Mac Tutorial

An in-depth Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 tutorial aimed at the Mac user. Taught by leading Microsoft trainer

Rating: 4.05

Pro Tools 10 Tutorial - Makes Learning Pro Tools Easy

Master Avid Pro Tools 10. Learn the Audio Production Secrets used by the Pros. An easy to follow Pro Tools tutorial.

Rating: 4.65

Create an energetic House Track with Logic Pro

Learn how to use Logic Pro to create, mix and master your own house track with this Logic Pro tutorial.

Rating: 3.7

Final Cut Pro 7 from Scratch: Become a Great Video Editor

A complete, step-by-step video editing course covering all the basics using Final Cut Pro 7 tutorial! Cheers!

Rating: 4.6

Learning Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) Tutorial Video

Step-by-step video based tutorial on OS X Mountain Lion. Offers an excellent insight into OS X 10.8

Rating: 4

How to create a marketing videos in Keynote

Learn to animate a cool promotional videos for your business with just Keynote

Rating: 4.5

Oracle Database Administration for Absolute Beginners

Learn to become an Oracle Database Administrator in a month. It is one of the stable and 'high in demand' IT jobs.

Rating: 4.2

Edit Professional Looking Cooking Videos in an Hour or Less

Learn the streamlined workflow that I've followed for years that saves me time and actually watch me edit a video live.

Rating: 4.35

Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Tutorial

Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 from an Expert Microsoft Trainer

Rating: 4.05

"Video Marketing Strategies That Never Fail"

Many people use online video to successfully promote their businesses. But many fail too. Why? This course explains all.

Rating: 4.66667

Introduction to Game Localization

Become a translator, tester or project manager specialized in gamelocalization and get paid for your gaming passion

Rating: 4.62121

Audio Creation Secrets: Create Audio Products That SELL..!

Create Your Audio Product in Just 3 Days... and SELL It, Too!

Rating: 4.1

Programming for Complete Beginners in C#

Learning to code C#? We have provided HD video lectures, live coding sessions, and nearly 100 exercises to learn on!

Rating: 4.425

Learn the basics of Sibelius 7.5 (Music Notation Software)

An introduction to using Sibelius 7.5 (from Avid) for creating music notation.

Rating: 4.45

How To Make a Book Trailer

Create a book trailer using Windows Live Movie Maker and royalty free pictures, music and video clips.

Rating: 4.2

Introducing GarageBand for iPad - completely awesome!

Want to make music on the go? Wish it was easy to get that musical idea down quickly? Learn how - today!

Rating: 4.25

Learn to Sample for Hiphop in Logic Pro

This class teaches the process of creating a professional sampled Hip-Hop beat in Logic Pro X.

Rating: 4.3

Produce a 90's UK Deep/Funky House Track in Ableton Music

Create a classic house track from scratch in 2 hours with only Ableton and a samples pack,

Rating: 4.2

The Complete iOS Game Course - Build a Flappy Bird Clone

Over 350+ videos taking you step-by-step through process of building 8+ different applications using Sprite Kit

Rating: 4.45

Electronic Dance Music Production: How To Do Mashups & Edits

Learn Step by Step how to do perfect Mashups/Edits. Best way for an introduction to Music Production techniques.

Rating: 3.85714

How to Create Udemy Courses with an iPad - Unofficial

The iPad and its cheap,powerful & easy-to-learn apps make professional HD trainings you can learn to do in a weekend

Rating: 4.35714

Piano Lessons for the R&B Fan

Learn all the great R&B Ballads for the 80s,90s, and current times on piano!

Rating: 4.25

Piano Lessons For The Hip Hop Fan

Learn how to play classic Hip Hop songs easily and effectively!!!

Rating: 3.28571

Master Pro Tools 11 - A Definitive Pro Tools Course

Master Avid Pro Tools 11. Learn the Audio Production Secrets used by the Pros. An easy to follow Pro Tools tutorial.

Rating: 4.5

GarageBand: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Music

Arm yourself with the know-how needed to make melodies, jingles, and even full-fledged songs & albums with this course.

Rating: 4.05

Electronic Music Arrangement: Escape the 8 Bar Loop

This course will give you the ability to start and finish songs with confidence and ease. Leave those 8 bar loops behind

Rating: 3.75

The iPad Quick Start Guide: First steps with a new iPad

How to setup and start using your new iPad Air or Retina iPad Mini

Rating: 4.0625

Create Binaural Beats on Your PC for Meditation & Hypnosis

Learn how to make your own binaural beat (brainwave entrainment technology) schedule easily.

Rating: 3.5

PCB Design: Master Designing Printed Circuit Board

A-Z Guide to designing, testing and Manufacturing any electronic circuit, using the most popular electronic software.

Rating: 4.1

Complete Guide to Maschine MKII

Every aspect of the hardware and software comprehensively explained, with examples of many styles of music throughout.

Rating: 4.75

Design & Build a Website without Code

No Coding Required! Learn how to create a responsive prototype for a music application using Webflow.

Rating: 3.65

Audio Equalization (EQ) Techniques and Tips

Learn how to EQ and use equalizers effectively. Understand the art of EQ and how to equalize musical instruments

Rating: 4.4

Project Management With MS Project - Scheduling Master Class

Managing projects with Microsoft Project? Learn project management, planning, scheduling, and tracking best practices.

Rating: 4.51942

Public Domain - Build an Online Business With Free Resources

Leverage the power of the public domain to start a business using free, high quality resources.

Rating: 3.6

YouTube Video Marketing. Easily Make Videos That Make Sales.

How to make a YouTube video for your product or business. No filming, no cost. Fast & simple. No IT skills needed.

Rating: 4

How to Produce a professional radio show with Ableton Live

Get the know-how and discover all the secrets to crack a radio schedule.

Rating: 4.7

Music Composition 2

Harmony and Compositional Form

Rating: 4.46154

Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography Using Drones

Create aerial video & photos that DELIGHT your audience: Learn from basic drone handling up to advanced flying & editing

Rating: 4.81818

Sound Design 102: Using Synthesis for Music Production

Using Ableton Live and Reason, we will learn how to craft sounds using any synthesizer to make our tracks amazing.

Rating: 4.6

Creating Kid's Games with Construct 2

A beginner's course to Construct 2 where you'll create interactive kid's games for web browsers and mobile devices.

Rating: 3.6

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