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Sell Ebooks on Amazon Kindle and Global Retailers

Self publishing made easy. Sell ebooks at Amazon, Apple, Google, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, Scribd and major retailers.

Rating: 4.05

Startup Attention and PR 101

How to Launch a Product - Learn Marketing and Public Relations skills to make an awesome product launch from Ben Parr!

Rating: 4.3

How to Master Branding, Public Relations, & Social Media

I reveal all the secrets I've used on international brands. Nearly a decade of experience in 2 hours. Enroll now.

Rating: 4.25

Startup PR: Getting Press on a Tight Budget

Tech journalist Erica Swallow shares her public relation strategies for getting press for your startup.

Rating: 4.4

Media and communication training. All bases covered.

Presented by a 40 year media specialist. Covers everything you would learn in a live half day session workshop.

Rating: 4.3

The Growth Hacker Interviews

Learn what Dropbox, Twitter, & other successful startups do to acquire millions of users.

Rating: 4.25

Copywriting Public Relations - master PR publicity skills


Rating: 4.4

Zero-Cost Marketing

Strategies and resources to help you reach millions of prospects...even if you have NO money for marketing!

Rating: 4.35714

The Ultimate Guide to Funnel Optimization

"One of the best decks on growth I've ever seen." - Sean Ellis, founder of Qualaroo and

Rating: 4.05

The Authentic Confidence and Self-Esteem Masterclass

The essential guide to developing deep self-awareness, cultivating authentic confidence and unshakeable self-esteem.

Rating: 4.1

Press Coverage, Publicity & Public Relations For Branding

Public relations to reach 100,000+ potential clients with strategies to get publicity & press coverage for branding ASAP

Rating: 4.16667

Public Relations for Nonprofits

Use examples and fill-in-the blank tools to build image and awareness to support fundraising and outreach.

Rating: 3.25

Public Relations: Media Crisis Communications

Public Relations: You can shape and control your media messages at the worst possible times

Rating: 4.63205

Public Relations: Crisis Communications Oil and Gas Industry

Public Relations: Oil/Gas/Chemical executives will learn step-by-step what to do with the news media before a crisis

Rating: 4.7

Public Relations: Become a Media Star by Pitching with Video

Public Relations: Generate Tons of Media Coverage through simple, easy-to-produce talking-head YouTube Videos

Rating: 4.6

Public Relations Firms: You Can Hire the Best PR Firm

Public Relations: You can find the ideal public relations firm to handle your PR needs

Rating: 4.65

Public Relations: How to Be a Government/PIO Spokesperson

Public Relations: You can communicate the messages of your agency to the media. Master every media encounter.

Rating: 4.6

Public Relations: Speak Effectively at Press Conferences

Public Relations: Develop the public speaking and media training skills you need to master this presentation format

Rating: 4.3

Social Media Strategy: 9 Steps for Business and Government

WRITING & Implementing a SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Marketing Public Relations & Comms Social Media Managers

Rating: 4.1

Business Blogging & Social Media PressRoom (Wordpress)

For Corporate, Government & Not For Profit: Learn Wordpress w AdAge Power150 Media blogger

Rating: 4.6

[2023] Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing (Version 7.5)

Become a growth hacker! This course is used by teams at PayPal®, IBM®, Citibank® & many other successful organizations!

Rating: 4.40314

Leadership Skills Mastery Vol. 1: Leadership for 2022

How to Become a Leader and Increase Your Leadership Skills, Influence and Power -Leadership Training, Qualities & Traits

Rating: 4.59375

Start A New Career By Being A Part-Time Sports Writer

Combine your love of sports and writing to create a new freelance, part-time or full-time career as a sports writer!

Rating: 4.25

The Tax Advantaged Investor: A Guide to Legal Tax Reduction!

Discover ways to pay lower taxes by relocating your service business to a warm tropical beach!

Rating: 4.5

Modern PR — How To Get Press Coverage For Your Business

A proven public relations / PR system to get press coverage for your company or product, from a journalist's perspective

Rating: 4.46429

Fashion Brand Launch: Public Relations & Media Strategies

Understanding how an effective public relations strategy is needed for credibility and expanding your consumer base

Rating: 3.3

Computer Network: IT Networking Fundamentals 2016

Learn Network and Computer Systems and begin a career with a $66,000 annual salary

Rating: 4.6

For Entrepreneurs - A 12 Step Formula For PR Mastery

A surefire and proven method to get top media publications to write about your product or service.

Rating: 3.9

Twitter Marketing Business Coach Certification9 Coaching

Twitter Marketing Coaching Practitioner Course Graduating Prepared Professionals in Public Relations Twitter Marketing

Rating: 4.6

Digital Nomads. Your Artist Bio & Sell Your Art in Galleries

Write a great artist bio so that you can sell art in art galleries & museum shops + Over 700 galleries & museums

Rating: 4.75

Storytelling for link building and content marketing

Learn to use 'people stories' to fire up your link building, inspire PR coverage - and attract and convert customers.

Rating: 3.7

Writing, Publishing, Marketing and Selling Your First Book

Are You Waiting for Permission to Write and Publish Your First Book? Stop Waiting and Start Writing Today

Rating: 4.35

[2022] Facebook Ads: Facebook / Instagram Advertising Course

This course is used by Tesla, Walmart, and other leading organizations. Be able to get results from your Facebook Ads!

Rating: 4.66667


ビジネス成功を目指すCEO、プロジェクト成功のためのプレゼンテーションスキルを磨きたいProject Manager、魅力的な振る舞いでイベントを盛り上げたいファシリテーターのためのビジネス英語スキル集中特訓トレーニング

Rating: 4.5

Marketing Management Masterclass - 13 in 1 MBA Level Course

Learn 'Marketing Management' subject in a simplified way through 13 comprehensive sections by a leading Professor

Rating: 4.40476

Twitter Ads: Twitter Advertising 2022 Certification Course

Used by Spotify, Pepsi, and Twitter itself! Become a capable Twitter Ads manager & get certified in a short, fun course!

Rating: 4.38235

How to get media coverage for your business in 30 days

How to blow up your profile with public relations, increase credibility and sales!

Rating: 4.45

Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing Tactics & Hacks [2018]

Learn 30+ real growth hacks and implement technical marketing tactics into your business straight away.

Rating: 4.25

Sports Communications and Public Relations

Master the essence of communication to be a excellent storyteller and communicator

Rating: 4.65

Integrated Marketing Communication

What You Need to Know to Talk Like a Pro

Rating: 3.15

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