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The Complete Guide to Control Valves

A complete guide to understanding control valves in process control systems

Rating: 3.9

Develop & Improve Your Food and Beverage Business in 1 Hour

Take your food and beverage business management skills up a notch with the right methods and efficient concepts.

Rating: 4.55

Great Special Events Organization and Management

This course discusses the basics of planning, promoting and producing a successful corporate event.

Rating: 3.85

How to Immigrate to Canada as a Food Service worker.

Guide for Canada immigration and how to get a job and work as a food service, restaurant, and hospitality worker.

Rating: 4.8



Rating: 3.9

Food Business Framework: Selling Food or Beverages on Amazon

Blueprint for setting up your account, un-gating your product, and building your amazon product page.

Rating: 3.8

Step-by-Step Learn Wonderware InTouch SCADA (PLC-SCADA-2)

Complete practical Training on Wonderware InTouch SCADA With Industry Based Examples | InTouch SCADA A-Z

Rating: 3.5

Balance Commercial & Aesthetics in Visual Merchandising

Learn How to be a Visual Merchandiser in Retail Business

Rating: 3.9

A Complete Beginner's Guide to Industry 4.0

Discover the Next Industrial Revolution converging the Physical, Digital and Biological Worlds

Rating: 4

Hotel Management Fundamentals - Hotel Management Operations

Learn hospitality management basics, dive into hotel operations, succeed in your hospitality career and become a manager

Rating: 4.26471

RUM - Essentials in cocktails & bartending

- Styles, brands, flavors & more!

Rating: 4.6

Hotel Management - Food & Beverage and General Cost Control

Cost Control processes, Cost Auditing and checking process, butcher / yield test, menu engineering, bar spot checks

Rating: 4.25

Hotel Management - F&B Cost Control & Audit Process

F&B Cost Control processes, Cost Auditing and checking, butcher / yield Kitchen test, menu engineering, bar spot checks

Rating: 4.2

Hotel Management. F&B Menu Cost Control and Design.

Hospitality & Food & Beverage. Recipe & Cost Calculation Excel Workbooks. Menu advises to improve sales and save cost.

Rating: 4.65

Cara & Teknik Meningkatkan Sales Restoran

Cara & Teknik Meningkatkan Sales Restoran

Rating: 4

2022 Master The Skills Of Hotel Sales Action Plan

Inspiring Hotel sales skills, sales strategies and sales techniques to implement the top-notch Hotel Sales Action Plan

Rating: 3.85

Wedding MC Masterclass From Beginners To Professional Part 2

More expert proven emcee tips and techniques to gain tons of work as a wedding event host emcee and master of ceremonies

Rating: 4.75

Process Plant Operator Induction Course

Process plant operator career in process plant operations and production environment

Rating: 4.4

How To Cook Filipino Food

Your Step By Step Guide To Cooking Filipino Food

Rating: 0

Hotel management the food and beverage department

Become a better hotel manager and learn how the food and beverage department works

Rating: 4.45

Smartphone Food Photography : Practical Guide

How to Take Amazing Food Photos with Your Smartphone!

Rating: 4.45

Bar & Hospitality Management Training Course

Take the next step

Rating: 4.25

Wine Regions of France - Chablis and Champagne

Champagne, Sub regions, Grape Varietals ,Production, Ageing process, Styles - Chablis, Terrior , Styles , Regions

Rating: 0

A Beginner's Guide To Becoming a Travel Director

How To Get Paid To Travel The World

Rating: 5

How to draft an agreement

how to master drafting and reviewing agreement

Rating: 4.83333

Menu Planning Blueprint for Cloud Kitchens

Detailed Approach to Menu Planning for your Dream Cloud Kitchen

Rating: 4.83333

Getting A Scheduled Process For Food And Beverage Products

Learn one of the first important steps before getting your food or beverage products distributed into stores.

Rating: 3.75

Hotel Management - Learn F&B Service (Skill Based)

Food and Beverage Service

Rating: 4

Limit Sugar Sweetened Beverages to Not More Than 1 Per Week

Recommendation #21 of 30 for Optimizing Health and Extending LIfespan

Rating: 4.25

Elementary Wine Course

All you need to know about wine in a simple and approachable way.

Rating: 4.4

Kitchen Planning for Food Busines & Cloud Kitchens

Detailed Approach to Kitchen Planning to Design for your Dream Cloud Kitchen

Rating: 4.5

Hospitality Management - Buffet Food Costs & Revenue Profit

Learn How to Create Menu Buffet , Calculation Formula , Preparation ,Determine Sale Pricing & Costing, Detail & Complete

Rating: 4.42857

M3-Hotel Finance USALI - F&B Cover Analaysis, P&L, Food Cost

Uniform system of accounting, hotel financial statement analysis, Module 3 of master class

Rating: 4.5

Strategi Memulai Digital Marketing dari Awal

Persiapkan strategi Digital Marketing untuk Bisnis Anda

Rating: 4.775



Rating: 4.80769

Make Blue Curacao Lemonade Juice At Home (for Adults)

Learn How To Healthy Blue Curacao Lemonade Drink Refreshing Juice At Home

Rating: 0

The #1 Google Ads Course For 2022: Beginner To Expert

Learn How To Set Up, Optimize, & Scale Google Ads From Those Who’ve Driven Over 20M In Revenue. No Experience Needed!

Rating: 4.6976

Essential English for restaurant and food&beverage workers

an invaluable resource for the trainer and trainee in restaurant work as it gives both the language and the basic skill

Rating: 4

Hotel management: Hospitality and service.

Hotel introduction. All you need to know about hotel sphere to start or improve your career

Rating: 4.41379

Wedding Secrets: How to Book the Best Wedding Vendors

Recently Engaged? Overwhelmed with wedding planning? Want to book the best vendors for your budget?Then this is for YOU!

Rating: 5

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