Subcategory Esoteric Practices

Occultism Level 5: The Soul

Explore Hidden Knowledge

Rating: 3.95

The Chakra System in Real Life

Practical applications to create balance and fulfillment for real people in the real world

Rating: 4.85

Solo Tantra & Beyond: Foundation of Meditations & Practices

The Nine B's The main segments of real Tantra to offer you a well-rounded understanding of energy and meditations

Rating: 4.4

The Art Of Meditation

Learn to Understand the importance with the art of meditation

Rating: 4.25

Supreme Modern Goddess

Embody your most unapologetic and sovereign self, awaken the goddess inside

Rating: 4.9375

Author’s trance meditation "ManPower"

Find your manpower!

Rating: 0


Clinical Knowledge, Clinical Interviewing and How to Make Herbal Medicinal Oil

Rating: 4.8

Divination Scrying; Tea Leaves to Crystal Balls

A complete guide to Divination Scrying. Learn to use Ancient and Modern Methods of Scrying

Rating: 4.55

White Magic Course | CERTIFIED

A Practical Course in Shadow Work, Energy Work, Protection Magic, Spells and Using it for the Good of Others

Rating: 4.68182

ZENG ZUI: The Divine Attunement!

Activate your Soul's Divine Abilities & Empower your Energy Healings!

Rating: 5

Create Magical Amulets & Talismans 101: For Fun & Profit

Learn how to Create Magical Amulets, Charms, and Talismans For Fun & Profit. Create New Amulets Today!

Rating: 3.5

A Comprehensive Course in Paranormal Investigations

Go from Beginner to Professional Ghost Investigation Specialist

Rating: 4.33333

The Secret Bodies: A Chakra Master Class for Yogis

Chakra Masterclass Intermediate Level Part 2, Section B

Rating: 0

Lightworker Masterclass | CERTIFIED

Transform Your Life with Energy Healing, Shadow Work, Psychic Protection, Cord Cutting, and Manifest Synchronicities

Rating: 4.14286

The Spiritual Explorer-Connecting to Your Spiritual Identity

Improve self-esteem, self-worth and confidence by discovering how your humanity and spirituality work together.

Rating: 4.75

The Good Witch & Theosophy Master Practitioner| Accredited

Intro to Paganism, Witchcraft & Theosophy, Witch Trials, Witch Variations, Baphomet, Pentagram, Sacred Sound Healing +

Rating: 4.93333

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