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Kundalini Yoga to Heal Stress and Anxiety by Valinda~Viriam

Kundalini Yoga is highly effective simple yoga style that transforms a person quickly & effectively in just 30 minutes!

Rating: 4.4

Learn SALSA in 5 Hours and Dance Your Way to Fun & Excitement!

Five Hours of Expert Instruction That Will Bring You Endless Hours of Fun & Excitement.

Rating: 4.45833

Create an energetic House Track with Logic Pro

Learn how to use Logic Pro to create, mix and master your own house track with this Logic Pro tutorial.

Rating: 3.7

Social Network Engagement

Learn the basics of social networking and become a pro in two hours.

Rating: 3.75

The Ultimate Gmail Productivity System For Business

Learn over 20 different strategies and tools to cut your time spent on email in half and massively increase productivity

Rating: 4.4

Learn how to street dance - Slides and Glides (Moonwallking)

Learn how to float and glide around the floor and back slide like Michael Jackson, In easy steps and slow motion clips

Rating: 4.85

How to produce a Retro Techno House Record in Ableton Music

This is a step by step video screencast tutorial that will teach you how to create an old skool Techno House record.

Rating: 4.3

Dance the Charleston

Learn to dance the Charleston! Improve body movement, rhythm, coordination, get fit and have a load of FUN!

Rating: 4.7

Learn Scratch Programming: Fast, Easy, and Fun!

Learn how to teach children to enhance their creativity, increase problem-solving skills and computational thinking.

Rating: 4.25

The Blended Path of Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra

A singular Path of self-awareness leading towards the highest goal of life, Self-Realization or Enlightenment

Rating: 4.8

Improve Your Posture Now and Get Rid of Your Back Pain!

This expert course will teach you how to fix your posture and alleviate your chronic neck and back pain in 3 weeks.

Rating: 3.8

Essential Skills & Secrets for FANTASTIC Partner Dancing

Dramatically improve how you partner dance, whether you're new or dancing for years! Ballroom, Latin, Social, Club

Rating: 4.4

Dance Floor Confidence | How to Dance at a Club - for Men

Find out how to become comfortable on the dance floor, have fun and not look silly! For men only!

Rating: 4.95

How To Write A Business Plan And A Winning Business Model

Business plan template & business plan examples: Create a top business model & business plan for your business ideas

Rating: 4.58197

How To Breakdance Mini-Course

Breaking down the most athletic dance ever and looking good with a few moves

Rating: 4

Learn How to Breakdance and Rule The Dance Floor

The simple, step-by-step guide in teaching you how to breakdance for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS

Rating: 4.45

Electronic Dance Music Production: How To Do Mashups & Edits

Learn Step by Step how to do perfect Mashups/Edits. Best way for an introduction to Music Production techniques.

Rating: 3.85714

Learn How 2 Dance - Bachata (beginner)

16 video lecture guide teaching you how to dance the hottest Latin dance in the world: BACHATA!

Rating: 4.65

Hear It, Sing It, PLAY IT! The Secret To Learning Jazz Piano

Play what you hear, not what you luck into. Understand how to improvise for real, not by rote.

Rating: 3.3

Breakdance Basics | Learn In Just 12 Hours!

Boost your confidence and build your body. It's your time to own the dance floor!

Rating: 4.5

Easy Club Dance Moves for Men

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with Dance - Just for Men! Learn How to Have Fun and Not Look Silly.

Rating: 4.5

#3 Piano Hand Coordination: Play 5 Fun Variations of Ballad

Play Be Still & Know in C Key: 5 Piano Techniques: Open 10, Walk Down, Walking Bass, Harmonic 10 Walk Up, Harmonic Run

Rating: 4.6

Outsourcing Basics: Grow a Business with Virtual Freelancers

Build a virtual army of freelancers to get more done, find success, and live your dream life.

Rating: 3.5

Poi Dancing: The Beginner Series

Learn and Master the Fundamentals of Poi with Nick Woolsey

Rating: 4.78333

#1 Piano Hand Coordination: Play 10th Ballad in Eb Key songs

Master Piano Eb Key: Play love song with Open 10 Ballad: Be Still & Know. Learn Music Theory with Piano Techniques.

Rating: 4.75

Discover Chakra Dance Secrets To Radically Transform Life

Learn healing chakra dancing, meditation, mudras, affirmations and more bringing calmness and deep peace within.

Rating: 4.95

How to Dance: 4 Basic Moves that Create Most Grooves

Learn the most basic essential movements if you want to dance to any song you hear.

Rating: 4.4

Large Gatherings/Dangerous Crowds! - Become a Crowd Manager

Learn how to manage a crowd during normal and emergency times at your employers next event!

Rating: 4.7

Learn & Master Sign Language

American Sign Language

Rating: 4.67143

How to Spin Poi

Learn poi quickly and easily with this step by step guide!

Rating: 4.5

Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths Master Class 12 Keys

Secret Tips fully revealed - Circle of 5ths - Major Keys, Chord Progressions - Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Violin etc

Rating: 4.2

Mosaic Method: Music Mind Movement Mastery

Learn how music and movement affect your brain while learning how to deal with a wide range of emotions.

Rating: 4.2

Maths the Wacky Way

Learn maths the wacky way, helping students learn in a fun and motivating way rather than traditional methods!

Rating: 5

Getting Started with Magento

Learn how to use the world's #1 eCommerce platform and set up your own online store

Rating: 3.95

Digital Music Production with FL Studio for Beginners

Learn how to become a great producer with FL Studio

Rating: 4.15

Mixing Music - Learn how to mix an EDM Song like a Pro!

Mixing Music: Improve your mixes & learn the BEST techniques in the industry used on multiple platinum selling records!

Rating: 4.6

Hip Hop Dance Foundation - Breakdancing

Master the Basics of Breakdancing (Learn at your own pace or with the 30 Days Breakdance Challenge)

Rating: 4.85

YouTube Info-Business 2.0 - Turn Hobby Into An Info-Business

Advanced, step-by-step system for packaging existing knowledge into information-based products and selling it through YT

Rating: 4.45

Learn The Fundamentals Of Ballet

A step by step training course taking you through the complete foundations of Ballet dancing.

Rating: 4.4

Hip Hop Dance For Beginners

Learn 12 Beginning Hip Hop Dance Routines Without Stepping Foot In a Dance Studio

Rating: 4.6

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