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Inclusion, Equality and Belonging:

A Starter Kit to Understanding Social Justice and Diversity

Rating: 5

The Blended Path of Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra

A singular Path of self-awareness leading towards the highest goal of life, Self-Realization or Enlightenment

Rating: 4.8

Best Social Media Marketing Course : Beginners + Advanced

Master Social Media Marketing on Any Platform : Instagram , Facebook , Youtube , LinkedIN & More !

Rating: 4.75

Learn Monster GODJ

You can learn how to use Monster GODJ and how to mix and make music with Monster GODJ !

Rating: 4.7

Introduction to Hydroelectric Power Plant Engineering

Hydroelectric power plant design, components, terminology and how they work! Essential power plant engineering!

Rating: 4.65

Ultimate Fashion Photography Masterclass: Your 2018 Guide

Create stunning photographs and build an editorial photoshoot from scratch. Master lighting, styling, posing, & editing.

Rating: 4.65

The Art Of Communication MasterClass

An A-Z Blueprint For Personal Networking & Communication Skills

Rating: 4.6

Create Transparent Powerpoint Animations for your Videos

Create transparent animations and lower thirds on top of your talking head videos with Powerpoint and Adobe Premiere

Rating: 4.55

Learning Windows Server Hyper-V 2016

Develop effective skills to design and implement server virtualization using Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V

Rating: 4.55

Home Studio Fashion Photography

Create successful fashion editorial photoshoots with magazine-quality in the comfort of your home.

Rating: 4.5

Music Master Plan: From Music Theory to Music Career

Create a personalized plan and learn music theory that will serve as a foundation to becoming a successful musician.

Rating: 4.5

Python Programming: Create an Digital Marketplace in Django

Build a User-Generated Digital Photography Marketplace step-by-step with Django 1.8, Python, & jQuery.

Rating: 4.5

Using an Editing Software for Animation

Learn How to Use Premiere Pro CC to Create Your Animatic and Put Together the Final Sequence of Your Animation

Rating: 4.45

RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation 2022 - Part 13

Convert any title into an Article using the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools, Software and Platforms

Rating: 4.45

How To Position Yourself For A Better Paying Job In 2022!

Go from an ordinary employee to the kind of employee every employer dreams of and get the salary package you want!

Rating: 4.4

Meditation Retreat Bali :Guide to Meditation Retreat in Bali

Meditation Retreat Bali - Complete Guide to Meditation Retreat in Bali with Philosophical and Technical Aspects Covered

Rating: 4.375

Innovation in Sports: Past, Present and Future

A Comprehensive Overview on How Innovation Has Become Critical for Success and Changed the Way We Play and View Sports

Rating: 4.3

Artificial Intelligence in Web Design + Live Class

Learn incredible tools and tech in this course that cover Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Web Design concepts

Rating: 4.21127

Digital Drawing Course: Character Design & Techniques

Digital Drawing Course: Figure & Anime/Western Drawing, Sketching, Character Design, Anatomy & Illustration

Rating: 4.2

Digital Strategy Masterclass (Laser-Focused Marketing Plan)


Rating: 4.15

The Best Diet In The World: Reasonable Eating

The 13x4 applied to master the business of Eating - change your health, your energy and your life, one step at a time...

Rating: 4.15

Mastering Planning Vol 5: Yearly Planning

Learn how to plan out your entire year in advance by intelligently allocating time to your highest priority projects.

Rating: 4.1

How you can be a good DJ with MonsterGODJ

Learn DJing with Monstergodj

Rating: 4.05

Feeling Like A Fraud? Get Over Imposter Syndrome Now.

Use The Six Techniques I Use To Beat Imposter Syndrome

Rating: 4

Mysticism: The Apex of Christian Spirituality.

An introduction to mysticism and the spiritual journey within Christianity which leads to it..

Rating: 4

Creating a Career Development Plan

Discover your career happiness

Rating: 3.83333

Unlock Your Millionaire Mindset Today

How to Achieve the Financial Freedom You Always Desired

Rating: 3.8

How to Reclaim Your Time by Automating Your Life

Learn How To Save Hours Per Week By Automating (Almost) Every Part in Your Life. Put Boring On Autopilot

Rating: 3.7

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate – Fundamentals Course

Create compelling videos using the popular video editing software Pinnacle Studio.

Rating: 3

Law of attraction will only work for you if you know how it

Thoughts Become Things-learn how to align your thoughts with universe.

Rating: 0

Learn LUMAFUSION Mobile Video Editing Course Step by Step

Complete BEGINNER to EXPERT guide to Editing videos EFFORTLESSLY in 2022 using LUMAFUSION

Rating: 0

Waste Water Engineering Exam Questions Practice Test

A complete practice test to pass your Waste Water Engineering Exam

Rating: 0

Imaginative Learning

Learn faster and easier by using the full potential of your imagination and creativity

Rating: 0

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