Pharmaceutical Courses In South Africa

Laughter Therapy for Depression

Laughter Yoga for stress, Anxiety and Depression - Mental Health

Rating: 5

Process Hazards in Chemical Industry (in Hindi)

Precautionary measures while handling dangerous chemicals.

Rating: 5

Leech Therapy Leechcraft Course for health

Healing with alternative therapy for blood coagulation

Rating: 5

A Complete Guide to Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II

A Complete Guide to Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II (BP301T) as per the PCI syllabus

Rating: 5

Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment

Your Doctor’s Advice is The Number One Cause of Death

Rating: 5

Thai Massage For Healthy Body

Practicing Thai massage for healthy living and physical fitness

Rating: 4.94444

Digital Marketing for pharmacies

حيث اصبحت المنافسة شرسة جدا فقد صمم هذا الكورس لتعلم اهم الادوات بالتسويق الرقمى للصيدليات ولتحقيق زيادة المبيعات

Rating: 4.91176

Art of Happiness in Work Place -Manage Work Place stress

Stress Management For Work Places

Rating: 4.875

Managing People From Different Cultures in Export Business

Simple cultural training & sensitization to deal with business people from various national cultures, management styles

Rating: 4.85

US Regulatory Strategy for Biologics & Pharmaceutical Drugs

Learn how to navigate the US FDA regulations for getting your drug from bench to bedside.

Rating: 4.85

Essential Statistics for Data Analysis

Learn statistics with fun, real-world projects; probability distributions, hypothesis tests, regression analysis & more!

Rating: 4.84694

Pharmaceutical calculation course

KAPS exam calculations

Rating: 4.83333

Prosperity of the Soul: Finding Happiness & Live Authentic

Uncover your core identity, disconnect from your ego, overcome external pressures that are stifling who you want to be.

Rating: 4.8

Stress Analysis Non-Metallic Piping With CAESAR II

Learn Stress Analysis of Non-Metallic Piping System in addition of seismic and wind loads with respect to load cases.

Rating: 4.8

The Pharma Sales Interview Breakthrough Blueprint

Your Medical / Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Prep Course

Rating: 4.75

Natural Medicine Processing Protocol

Principles of healing, Herbal processing practices, Herbal processing preparation, Production of herbal dosage forms etc

Rating: 4.75

Pharma Product Design, Technology & Commercial Manufacturing

This course will take you to understand about how product is designed, product transfer & validation aspects

Rating: 4.75

Clinical Pharmacy - zero to HERO مبادئ الصيدلة الاكلينيكيه

تعلم التطبيق العملي للصيدلة الاكلينيكيه .. من الصفر للاحتراف

Rating: 4.75

Sorting and Searching - Concepts, Algorithms and Python Code

Linear and Binary Search, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, Radix Sort, Quick Sort, Shell's Increment Sort

Rating: 4.75

Halal food Production and Market Opportunities.

Basic principles of Halal food production and how to access the market

Rating: 4.7

Aspen Plus V11 : Flash , Distillation & Extraction Processes

Steady-State Chemical Engineering Simulation and Modeling of Separation Processes using Aspen Plus V11

Rating: 4.6875

MQL5 Advanced: Creating Algorithmic Trading Robots with MQL5

A project oriented intermediate course for the development of Expert advisors using MQL5 for Algorithmic trading

Rating: 4.67857

Expediting Your Healing

Expediting Your Healing Process Of Your Mind. Body and Emotional States Without Medications

Rating: 4.66667

Master Pharmaceutical products registration in Egypt

Place your pharmaceutical products in the market of Egypt

Rating: 4.66667

Introduction to PTSD (Fully Accredited)

A Comprehensive Overview

Rating: 4.65

تصوير فوتوغرافي - تصوير البورتريه في الاستديو

الرسم بالاضاءه هو محاكاه الاضاءه الطبيعيه الناتجه عن مصدر اضاءه طبيعيو تجسيد الرسم الفن القديم في صور البورتريه

Rating: 4.65

Certificate In Herbal First Aid & DIY Herbal First Aid Kit

Complete Guide To Making & Giving Herbal First Aid Remedies

Rating: 4.65

Accredited Foundation Homeopathy Diploma Course

Learn about the wonderful world of Homeopathy and Vibrational Medicine for your own health and wellness.

Rating: 4.63636

[2022] PTSD & Trauma Counseling Cert + EMDR case study

Learn to understand and treat Phobias, PTSD and Trauma with the help of real-life case studies and techniques like EMDR

Rating: 4.63158

التسويق الاستراتيجى ومهارات التغلب على المنافسين (للصيدليات)

حيث اصبحت المنافسة شرسة جدا فقد صمم هذا الكورس لمواجهة مشاكل الخصومات ودخلاء المهنة ولتحقيق زيادة المبيعات

Rating: 4.625

RDF and SPARQL Essentials

A practical introduction to RDF, Turtle, TriG and SPARQL for authoring and querying knowledge graph data

Rating: 4.61905

Master Pharmaceuticals registration KSA

Master pharmaceutical products registration, in the biggest and most important market in the GCC region.

Rating: 4.6

Aspen Plus V11 : Chemical Reactors

Steady-State Chemical Engineering Simulation and Modeling of Chemical Reactors using Aspen Plus V11

Rating: 4.6

Master Medical Devices Registration United Arab Emirates

Be the expert of placing medical devices in the highly dynamic market of the United Arab Emirates, the business hub

Rating: 4.6

Become a Pharmacy Technician

A Video Study Guide for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

Rating: 4.57377

How to Have Extraordinary Sleep & Wake Up Energized & Happy

Learn how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Qigong Exercises can be used to treat insomnia & sleep disturbances

Rating: 4.55

Know Read Understand Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams P&IDs

Learn how Process Control, Safety Instrumented Systems, Interlock & Alarms are represented in engineering P&ID drawings

Rating: 4.53719

Hack into SAS Clinical Trials Programming Certification

Practice Exams and Tutorials on CDISC and Clinical Programming

Rating: 4.53333

Pharmacology for nursing &medicine

Pharmacology for medicine students

Rating: 4.5

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